Have you ever passed by a coffee shop and instantly felt attracted to get inside and smell the coffee closely? Do you know why waking up is also called “smell the coffee”? Have you ever wondered why that expensive cup of coffee in a cafe feels like heaven when you smell and taste it? Is it just the “good morning” message on the coffee that makes all the difference? Or is there some secret that these coffee shop owners have? I am sure a coffee lover like you and I know that the key feature of coffee is its perfect aroma and have tried to make the same coffee at our homes at least a hundred times. But it has always seemed impossible, right?

How Coffee Beans are better than Ground Coffee?

Let me tell you today the biggest secret of the coffee industry. Coffee goes through a number of processes before making it up to your cuppa. And it ages the fastest when the coffee beans are ground and packed in larger quantities for sale. That is where all the aroma of your coffee goes and only powder is left behind. So if you want the perfect aromatic cup of coffee, the first thing you need to do is replace the ground coffee on your shelf with coffee beans. When you grind the coffee beans and brew it in a coffee maker with high-pressure boiling water, the resultant will be the freshest cup of coffee you had ever brewed in your home.

Health Benefits of Coffee

Over a period of time, researchers have found out a number of health benefits associated with coffee.

  • The most common and instant benefit is that it makes you attentive and fresh by signalling the pituitary gland of some emergency and thereby blocking the sleep receptors to doze off.
  • The caffeine in the coffee also works as a mood enhancer. Women who drink coffee daily are less likely to suffer from depression than the ones who don’t.
  • Drinking coffee reduces risk of cirrhosis of the liver, certain kinds of cancers, type-2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Studies show that drinking coffee helps cutting down post-workout muscle pain by up to 48%.

Of course, it’s no rocket science that the fresher your coffee, the better are its effects. Overall, it’s a win-win situation for your taste buds, your mood and the functioning of your internal organs.

Where to buy Coffee Beans?

We all know how easily available ground coffee is in the market whereas how difficult it is to get the perfect coffee beans. But that’s a thing of the past. Gimoka coffee brings the authentic Italian coffee beans to your doorsteps to make you smell the perfect coffee at your home. We are a wholesaler for premium quality Italian coffee beans of the Italian coffee roaster Gruppo Gimoka. The beans that we provide go through a long phase before becoming the perfect blend of taste, flavour and aroma of the best quality. The tenacious group of people visit the coffee farms daily during the harvest season to pick the coffee berries at just the correct time when they are perfectly ripened. The beans are then dried, processed and later roasted till the time a “pop” sound is heard. These beans are then carefully packed and delivered at your place to make your mornings brighter.

Gimoka Coffee has been in the coffee industry for many years now and has served every type of customer – from coffee shops to offices, from restaurants to hotels and even individuals. Our coffee beans wholesale distribution model has satisfied every customer to the core when it comes to quality, type of product, turn-around time and unmatched prices. Without any doubt, Gimoka coffee beans wholesaler is the best place to buy the perfect coffee beans for you.

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