Camping is such a rewarding and enjoyable experience once you get the hang of it! No camper is perfect first time, it takes a little while to perfect the craft just like any new activity. So, whether you’re a total first-timer or you’ve been a couple of times and feel like you could use some extra tips, read on! Here are the very best tips and tricks that will make your next camping trip the smoothest running and most enjoyable one yet!

Get there early

Yes, it’s very difficult to get everything packed and done in good time for setting off, but you need to leave early! Getting to your campground in the late afternoon means that once you’ve found your spot, you’re in a race against the sun whilst you’re setting up – not good! You should aim to get to your site around midday at the latest, you never know what can go south when you’re trying to get yourself all sorted. Pack the car up the night before and set off first thing for an easier start to your trip.

Make a checklist

Find yourself a detailed camping checklist online, it will have been made by someone who knows what you do and don’t need on an adventure to the outdoors, so you can trust it! Segment your checklist into three major categories, food, gear and clothing/toiletries – your packing just got a whole lot easier! Once you’ve been to the campsite a couple of times, you’ll be able to pack for any camping trip with your eyes closed.

Prepare your food

This one is so important, preparing your meals is a total must. Preparing here means shopping for exact ingredients, chopping and storing properly. You should also precook a couple of meals for the days when you just can’t face campsite cooking. Pack a lot of dry snacks, bread and cereal to keep energy levels up on big adventure days.

Bring earplugs

Campsites can be noisy at all times of day and night, no matter how secluded the spot may be! Other people, campfires, dogs and wildlife all kick up a lot of sound, so some earplugs could really be a lifesaver when you desperately need a proper night’s rest.

Don’t forget the entertainment

For the naïve, it can be tempting to think that you won’t need any simulation beyond enjoying the landscape and chatting with fellow campers, but for most of us this just isn’t true. Pack some playing cards, books, rugby or footballs and even bring along an instrument to keep the boredom at bay on cloudy days or in the evening time.

Rug up

Australia has a hot climate, but not all year round and certainly not 24 hours a day. Bring along a few jumpers, protective socks and even thermals just in case night temperatures become less than comfortable.

Pack more light sources than you think you need

You need lots of light when camping, be safe and avoid plunging into darkness by packing a good amount of torches. This is important for safety so don’t forget.

Invest in a camper

If you’re serious about getting into the camping lifestyle, you should seriously consider investing in a small camper trailer. You’ll have storage, comfortable sleeping options, a few amenities and protection from the elements! Alternatively, you could find out more about the popular campervan hire. It’s the perfect way to kickstart your outdoors adventures and it gives you ultimate camping freedom!

By following these tips and tricks, you can feel completely confident that your next camping trip will be your most successful one yet!

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