If you’re still looking for a good job, then this article is certainly for you. We found a suitable answer to the urgent question “What to do in quarantine”. Improve your resume and start working remotely already this week.

Do you think it’s impossible to find a decent job remotely? We will give an example of the top 8 best professional resume writing services that will provide you with employment.

Why should you use resume writing services?

Do you know the fact that 100% of all resumes are selected by the ATS system? This is a test that automatically selects only the best resumes that fit all the requirements of the employer. And 75% of them do not pass the selection, which means they remain unnoticed. Professional resume writing services know how to put college on resume if you haven’t graduated yet and they can cope with the ATS program, make your resume in such a way that it bypasses this check and In addition, the writers who are responsible for creating a resume know exactly which keywords to use. The more correctly words and phrases are selected, the more chances are that your resume will be considered.

So here are the top 9 best professional resume writing services

Top CV 

A commonly popular service in the UK. When you start working with services, anyone who wants to get a good resume needs to fill out a questionnaire that will help the writer create a unique resume.

The service can write you a resume in more than 65 areas and give you a guarantee of 30 days.


They are ready to make you a unique CV for at least 139 dollars, and a maximum of 300 dollars. All server writers are concentrated exclusively in the US.

Service is famous for its high ratings. His fame speaks for itself since the server was once marked in Forbes.


Enough extensive service that provides everyone with a choice of 3 packages. The first of these is Basic, which provides only one resume. Deluxe – provides, together with a resume, a cover letter, and a 2-day execution speed. And the Premium package, which, in addition to writing and summarizing, also provides preparation for CVI for Linkedin.

Career Perfect 

The company has been working online since 1996. Writers from this service immediately provide a resume and a cover letter with it, helps with the search for the vacancy itself, and also prepares for the interview. Writers prepare resumes even in federal branches. On average, CV costs from 180 to 500 dollars. Each employee in the company is professionally savvy, and also has a certificate of distinction.

The Muse 

The main feature of the service is that you have the opportunity to call up the writer on the phone or on Skype and discuss the resume live. The platform also provides the ability to search and select a specialist in writing by filters. In addition to writing a unique resume, they will also help you update and improve it.


The most budget version of the service, where you can order a job for $ 50. Here the writers themselves offer you their services by interesting quotes. Therefore, filter the authors correctly. The company also independently sends out a resume where it is needed.

Linkedin ProFinder 

Another one of the most popular services offers to choose from among freelance writers. This service is specially created by Linkedln to find work on this platform. The service also gives you the opportunity to chat live with the writer.

Top Resume 

The ratings speak for themselves – the site has statistics for more than 400,000 completed work and more than 1,000 satisfied customers. The cost of services is on average from $ 149 to $ 350. The service also offers a choice among a huge number of writers. The company has been working in the sphere of writing CV since 2014.


A good and affordable variant of resume writing service. The company is ready to do the job in a record 1-3 days, and at an affordable price of $ 169. Only highly qualified employees are selected for the service. You will be served with support 24 hours a day. And if you decide to turn to this service for help again, they will give you a 50% discount. Good marketing ploy.

Social Selling Coach

Social Selling Coach is not another resume writing service but it helps you to get noticed and discovered on Linkedin. If you are looking for a job – Linkedin is a platform where you want to be present and visible. That’s also what Social Selling Coach will help you to accomplish.

And the last tips to find a great writing service

  • Seek a highly qualified specialist. Certificates and distinctions of writers can be requested from the service portal itself or from the writer himself.
  • Check the rating of each service. Before you request a job, be sure that it is a proven and reliable service.
  • Claim your rights. If you do not like the written article, you are quite entitled to request to redo it or return the money to you.
  • Pay attention to the available contacts of the agency. The more available contacts a service has, the more trustful and reliable it is.
  • Check out several services before deciding which one to pay for. Save reviews and prices, and pay attention to the rating.

And also do not forget that since you are looking for remote work, you can conduct searches not only in the territory of your country. Virtually go beyond it.

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