Growing up, everybody must certainly have read the ‘Peanut’ comics, wherein that comic revolves around a little boy and his dog and their adventures together. In the comic series, the boy is seen to carry a blanket with him everywhere that could have been one of his favorite baby blankets that gave him comfort throughout the series.

Having a newborn in the house is so joyous and exciting, not only for the parents but also for the members of the family, close friends, and everyone close. Studies have shown that babies who grow up with baby blankets that they hold near and dear even after they have crossed the infancy stage tend to cope well with their problems. Here are a few essential things you need to know about baby blankets.

Impact and importance of baby blankets for a child’s growth:

  • Coping Mechanism: A baby certainly has far fewer problems that are considered everyday problems for adults today, but that does not mean the baby is not facing its own set of problems. They cannot express through words what they feel, and hence these blankets help them stay calm until their parents figure out what they need.
  • Mother’s warmth: Growing babies tend to cling to their mothers, and if they simultaneously hold baby blankets with them, they start to associate them with the warmth, love, and comfort of their mother. Around three months old, these babies start to understand their mother and themselves are two separate entities, and hence they start carrying around the blanket to feel secure.
  • Anxiety and sleep: Sleep anxiety is also a very real thing for babies to undergo, as for nine months they were used to being inside their mother’s womb, and all of a sudden they are born, put in a crib, and they become very confused. This feeling of confusion and search for their mother when they are not around constantly prevents them from falling asleep. These security blankets help them sleep without fear.
  • Great for temperament development: Studies have proven that children who grow up having a safety blanket tend to adjust to changing situations drastically and much better than those who do not have a blanket to cope with. The baby’s temperament certainly does get better as they grow, as these blankets were proven to be seen as an object of security that gave them scope to adjust to changing emotions such as happiness, impulsivity and seeking attention from the parent. Parents often worry if this habit of keeping a blanket with them will accompany habits like sucking the thumb but rest assured, these habits eventually die down.

Type of blankets:

Many businesses have understood the importance of creating a blanket for the baby as it is a crucial part of their growth and development. Over time, companies have come up with the following types of blankets for babies:

  • Sleep Sacks – These are for younger children to sleep in a blanket shaped like a sack.
  • Fleece blankets – They are seen to have gained a lot of popularity over time.
  • Crocheted blankets – Hand-made crocheted blankets are the new people who show affection to give that little extra touch of love.

These blankets are a part of their coping mechanism growing up, and the warmth the blankets provide gives these toddlers a sense of security by holding the blanket close to them.

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