Marketing automation is a powerful tool that generates business leads, increases sales and potential customers. However, automation is not a stand-alone tool that can be configured and forgotten. Proceeding from this, I suggest 5 methods to increase sales, which should be remembered at the moment when marketing automation already generates the desired leaders.

What do you need to increase sales?

You should not start communicating with the client, telling them what a wonderful company you have, the products you produce or the services you offer. I know that this sounds paradoxical. However, this behavior is one of the most effective ways that you can apply. And that’s understandable, because what are your customers most interested in? Have you shown interest in you? Absolutely not. Clients are most interested in themselves. With this in mind, you should discuss their business and needs.

To increase sales, it is necessary to assume that the client does not realize what problem he wants to solve

In most cases, potential clients are more likely to report symptoms than real problems. Example: One of my acquaintances, who works as a consultant, had to solve a performance problem in the enterprise. “The assembly line should work faster to produce more. However, we don’t have the means to upgrade the equipment, so we’re in a difficult position,” said the company.

But it turned out that the issue was not about equipment. The reason was the fax machine, which is 200 meters away from the employee who was processing the orders. Covering this distance every hour to process orders was the real reason for the significant slowdown in the production process.

Again, don’t assume that potential customers really understand what their problem is.

Ways to increase sales – apply rule 70/30

Many people involved in the sales process do the work because they are friendly, i.e. talkative. But excessive repetition can be a hindrance. When you talk a lot, you may come across someone who is annoyed by this behavior or who doesn’t have time to figure out what services or products you sell.

One of the tricks is that potential customer accounts for 70% of the communication process, and you only have 30% of the time. In this way, you will actively listen to the problems you are experiencing and engage in conversation to offer the solution you need for your client, not for you.

Rationally use 30%

If you are going to use the 70/30 method, use your time wisely. First of all, you won’t have much time if you focus on your potential client.

How can you dispose of these 30%? Forget about advertising goods or services. In return, ask questions. In other words, follow the example of a doctor who asks a series of questions to help you focus on your actual health problem. When you ask a potential client about his or her problems, you will find and suggest solutions.

Effective sales and personal marketing

It’s no secret that customers buy from people they like. A large number of marketing materials with creative ideas, promotions or funny videos will not help to sell a product or service (i.e. will not increase the efficiency of sales) if customers do not feel comfortable with you.

If you want to increase sales of services or online store, think about what you can do for this? As I said earlier – ask your customers questions, find out what their needs and desires are. Find out with ecommerce reporting what unites you and be a genius, because most customers quickly determine that a person is charming only to sell a product or service. Show your customers that you really want to know as much as possible.

And finally

Be polite to other employees involved in the sales process. They call or send letters because they earn a living – treat this with respect. Still, you treat others with respect, they will also be friendly to you.

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