Addiction can be a serious problem in the modern world.  Vaping can also fall under the category due to the qualities of nicotine that is found within the vape juice from vendors like space jam e liquid.  Even vape flavors that are marketed as 0 mg nicotine can have trace amounts within them.  For this purpose, it is advised that if you are a nonsmoker, or non-vaper, do not start to avoid the risk of addiction.  Here are few facts to keep in mind.

The first and foremost fact to be aware of is the addiction factor of nicotine.  This highly addictive substance can help curb appetite, reduce stress and anxiety, and help keep you emotions in check.  Unfortunately, it works through blocking nerve receptors in the brain with itself.  The longer you go without a hit of nicotine, the less is in your system, the more you desire it.  This desire is the addiction part, when the drug rewires your brain chemistry to desire it.

After you have not had nicotine, you will start withdrawing after only a few hours.  This can lead to mood swings, irritability, hunger, insomnia, GI tract issues, and an unquenchable need for nicotine.  People who have come off nicotine still complain of getting a craving even years after having stopped using the drug.  While these symptoms may never fully stop, the longer you go without giving into them, the easier it becomes to stay away from them.

If you are a smoker and want to pick up vaping, it is proven to be healthier.  While it is considerably less toxic then cigarettes, the nicotine is still an important aspect to keep in mind.  When vaping, you get a quicker delivery system that is packed into one hit, versus smoking an entire cigarette.  If you are not careful with your dosing or over do the vaping, you can give yourself nicotine poison.  Be careful when entering the world of vaping that you do not exceed what you are smoking.

The other dangerous part about vaping, in considering the addiction aspects, is the instant gratification.  Society has become enamored with instant relief, be it from games, food, dating, and of course vaping.  Vaping packs more punch per hit than a cigarette.  This means that instead of spending five minutes smoking one cig you are getting everything in a ten second hit.  This hit will instantly take away the effects of any withdrawals you are feeling.  Plus, you can do it almost anywhere, giving you complete access to your nicotine.

These factors make vaping highly addictive.  While it may not be the act itself, the nicotine is to blame.  However, most people who vape go into it with the understand of what nicotine is and does.  This conscious choice makes vaping one of the highest addicting activities you can engage in.  To repeat, if you do not smoke and are looking into vaping, don’t do it.  If you are a smoker looking to quit, it is an easy route to start, but not finish.

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