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Nearly 28,000 trees are cut down every day to produce ordinary toilet paper which can significantly cause an imbalance to mother earth and its inhabitants. Sustainable development has turned out to be a utopian concept that most humans advocate only on paper. It is high time one acknowledges the ecological imbalance caused by humankind and shifts our ways to make the world a better and more inclusive place.

The revolutionary toilet papers made of bamboo trees:

One can purchase the eco-friendly bamboo toilet paper online who are keen on restoring mother earth’s stability and ecological balance. It is a scientifically proven fact that bamboo trees are incredibly quick-growing, making them the go-to choice to manufacture toilet papers. A glance at their growth rate would show that they would grow up to 34 inches in 24 hours.

Along with having the reputation as the fastest-growing species on the planet, they are a highly adaptable species as well. The growth rate of bamboo trees and that of other trees usually used in the manufacturing of toilet papers has considerable differences. So climate researchers advocate companies to shift to toilet papers made of bamboo.

Here is a list of other significant advantages of shifting to bamboo toilet paper.

Saving trees with slower growth rates:

This world is not just for humans. It is high time for humankind to leave behind their anthropocentric ways and start showing concern for other beings on the planet. A lot of species depend on trees for their survival. Moreover, trees play a huge role in controlling global warming and other climate crises. Hence, saving trees is the need of the hour to facilitate a healthier and inclusive environment. By shifting to the bamboo way, one is doing a favour to nature by allowing it to grow sustainably.

Bamboo toilet papers are biodegradable:

Recycling of regular toilet paper usually consumes a lot of water and electricity. On the contrary, papers made of bamboo are generally biodegradable, making them super-safe for septic systems. Also, they will decompose quickly over time. One can purchase bamboo toilet papers online. They sell their products at a reasonable price point, along with free shipping.

Harmless to animals:

A lot of animal and bird species depend on trees for their survival. When industries cut trees with relatively slower growth rates in large numbers, it can make the dependent species vulnerable. Though Pandas depend on bamboo shoots and leaves for their food, using bamboo to make toilet papers does not affect their diet because the bamboo variety used to make papers isn’t pandas’ food.

Stronger and softer:

The natural properties of bamboos make them intrinsically sturdier than any other wood. Papers made of bamboo are also softer in texture and therefore, comfortable to handle. Toilet paper with a softer texture is most suited to fulfil people’s toilet needs.

Zero use of Chemicals:

Companies use chlorine and similar substances in the production of toilet papers. One needs to keep in mind that papers made of such harmful substances can harm humans and animals over time. These papers can leak these substances into the environment, which can lead to the death of several species. Eco-friendly toilet papers made of bamboo do not use any such harmful chemical substances, dyes, or other fragrances that are usually used.

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