Though many business owners are right to focus on the logistics and customer service aspects of their business, it is always crucial to pay attention to how the business is branded. This entails not only establishing a recognizable logo and content generation strategy, but also optimizing the appearance of a good, old-fashioned brick and mortar location. Establishing an attractive reception area for your company can be vital for your business. Many experts believe that it may actually be the most important section of your headquarters, and the way you decorate it can end up setting the standard for your clients to expect from your business.

Why the Reception Area Matters

It Sets the First Impression

As soon as your customers walk through the door, they will be greeted by your receiving area. They will see how all of the elements come together to create a unique visual experience that will define the presence of your company’s brand for years to come. The desk is often arranged as the centerpiece for this area, as it is where the client’s eyes will immediately go to begin interacting with your business. As such, it stands to reason to establish an attractive and representative receiving area that can define your business and its practices. Thinking for the long-term is strongly recommended here.

It Establishes the Company Aesthetic

Not only does it define the company’s decor for the customer it also helps establish the company’s presence for your employees. An attractive receiving area is vital for improving productivity and workplace loyalty. You want to set up an area that your employees are proud to work in. For those who will be sitting behind the desk itself, you want to make sure that it is both comfortable and stylish, able to suit the employee’s clerical needs and allow them to take pride in the work that they do with your company. Planning ahead for such needs means optimizing the space with a unified aesthetic in mind.

The reception desk is perhaps the most important part of the receiving area. It is distinct because it immediately commands attention. It is the first place that new clients and customers will go in order to begin collaborating with your business. As such, you will always want to work with a desk that you know will act best as the centerpiece for your unique receiving area. Though the considerations may appear daunting at first, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind:

  • Style
  • Material
  • Arrangement

Planning for the Reception Desk

Choosing the Right Material

Not all desks are created equally. Though different materials may provide different visual cues, it is strongly recommended for you to shop according to your budget and long-term planning. All types of woods may provide you with durability, but some may be harder to maintain than others. Different woods also showcase different grain patterning and color combinations, with some built specifically for easy maintenance. Metal materials may also be interesting to consider, especially if you want to create a more sleek and contemporary look in your office.

Planning for a Unique Style

Think about how you can present the desk’s natural style in union with your brand’s imagery and name. One of the best ways to establish a commanding presence is by choosing desks that showcase a distinct exterior style. This can include desks that feature a specific type of texturing on their surface or ones that have your brand’s logo imprinted onto an easily readable section. You may even consider going the extra mile and working with a custom desk that works with the natural arrangement of the room.

Considering Compartments

Depending on your receptionist’s specific duties, it is vital to at least think a little bit ahead when it comes to the desk’s compartments. Some offices do not need hidden drawers and cabinets in every nook and cranny of their desk to be functional. Others, however, may have specific storage needs that require a greater degree of compartmentalization. Regardless of the specifics, you can choose a desk that works for your needs. At the very least, think about a desk that can integrate easy-to-access paperwork storage and a landline telephone into its central design

Arranging the Desk

The shape of the desk will largely depend on where you want to install it. Not every desk will work well in every space. You do not want a desk that is particularly large or clunky for the corner or one that is too small for the center of a wall. Plan accordingly and think about the size of the office as a whole. This is where it can be fun to draw up blueprints and shop according to your needs, as you are ultimately selecting a desk that will become a living, breathing part of the room.

What SohoMod Can Provide

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