The struggle so many adults experience in their search for a meaningful relationship remains a staple of contemporary life. That’s why people rely on everything from astrological signs to blind dates to find “the one.”

Although, it turns out that the results of a blind date depend a lot on how optimistic you are going into the date.

As with so many other problems, technology seeks an answer to this problem in the form of dating apps. The question is: “Are dating apps worth it?”

  1. You Deal with Other Singles

Wedding rings alert you not to approach for a date. No such convenient symbols alert you when someone is in a relationship. It’s frustrating when you meet someone who’s great, only for them to reveal they’ve got a significant other.

That uncertainty can make many people decide that approaching someone isn’t worth the pain of potential rejection or failure.

With a dating app, you know from the outset that you’re dealing with other singles.

  1. Expands Your Dating Pool

For those who live in cities, your dating pool often consists of coworkers, friends of friends, and people from your neighborhood. Why? Those are the people you interact with the most.

Many city dwellers leave their neighborhoods only occasionally because they don’t need to leave it. They can get most or all of the essentials within a mile or two.

Yet, there are thousands of potential matches who live within 10-15 miles. Dating apps make you aware of those people.

  1. Shared Interests

While dating app personality profiling doesn’t have the best track record, most profiles can alert you to shared interests. It turns out some shared interests can smoothe the way early in a relationship.

That won’t sustain a relationship in the long-term. It does mean you’ll likely give someone enough time to find out if you possess the shared values that do drive long-term relationship success.

  1. You Can Pick a Niche

Many online dating apps cater to a niche group. For example, you can pick an app that connects with someone who shares your religion.

Other niches you can find apps for include sexual orientation, age group, and even profession. These niche apps help you connect the right kinds of potential partners.

After all, a 50-something lawyer has better uses for her time than sifting through profiles of 30-something musicians and artists.

By the same token, a 20-something actor can probably do without seeing the profiles of 30-something accountants.

  1. They Help People Who Work from Home

As more and more people move into the gig economy and out of the traditional workplace, they get deprived of a prime source of social interaction. They don’t have work friends who want to set them up on a date with the perfect girl or guy.

Dating apps offer them a chance to find people when their work lives don’t facilitate it.

Parting Thoughts on Are Dating Apps Worth It

The answer to the question — are dating apps worth it — is yes. Dating apps offer an imperfect solution, but they can help you connect with a romantic partner.

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