Unlike other electrical appliances that need maintenance once a year, heating and cooling systems need attention more often. With the arrival of every new season, you are required to change or clean your HVAC air filters.

Some homeowners, even are recommended to clean the filters between every one to three months depending upon the accumulation of the dust and grime, such as pet hair or smoke.

All these external factors become hazardous if you have a pet at home or a member of the family who is habitual of smoking; these factors affect the performance of the air conditioners and require further periodic service and maintenance.

Other than this, during peak seasons, i.e., summers and winters, the system seems to work way harder than usual to keep the temperature of your room standard. Hence, it is during these times that you should keep a periodic check onto your HVAC air filters to be able to deal with the dirt in time. Also, a lot of it depends on the kind of area you reside in, in addition to the number of members and their living conditions. A home situated amidst a busy street or near a factory or in case it houses members with allergies calls for a change of these filters every 30-45 days.

Speaking of this, let’s further explore why it so important to keep these filters in check and what benefits it reaps if we get them changed from time to time. Once you get through this post, you will understand how it does a favor on not only you but also your health. So, let’s get started!

1. Stretch your HVAC unit’s life:

Perhaps, one of the profound benefits of regularly changing your HVAC air filters is that it extends your system’s life. After all, it is an investment and quite an expensive one; you would want it to live it to its full life expectancy. And, rightly so! Speaking of this, the only way to enjoy this fruit is by taking good care of it. When it goes all dirty, it expends more effort than needed to function. Also, if clogged to the degree that it no longer has space for further accumulation, then it can make the components of your HVAC system go contaminated. Therefore, save yourself from the horror and perform the necessary measure of maintaining the HVAC air filters. Doing so, you will see how it prolongs the system’s longevity.

 2. It is in the air:

One tends to spend a decent amount of time at home regardless of the season and no denying that a crossover of fresh breeze may allow fresh air to enter, the air inside of the house still mostly stands somewhat stagnant. It makes the indoor air we thrive in much more polluted than the outside one. Such poor indoor air quality then contributes to severe health problems. In such a case, changing the HVAC air filters is the perfect way to reduce such hazardous risks. Checking and changing these filters is a recurring task which many homeowners tend not to prioritize and neglect over other matters unless there is something significant and noticeable problem within the indoor air. Try to keep a check and do not wait until and unless you see someone sneezing in your house.

3. Improves energy efficiency:

Not only a changed and fresh HVAC filter improves the air inside your home but also dramatically enhances energy efficiency. When the filters are clogged heavily because of all the dirt and debris, they exert more pressure to produce the maximum output of pushing air through the system. Now, what it does is that it uses higher amounts of energy than usual. It, in turn, leads to even higher energy bills and adds further to the costs. So, I guess you must have got the point by now! Having HVAC filters changed will indeed clean out that air you breathe in but will also play a role in reducing energy costs. So, do yourself and your wallet a big-time favor and tie your energy-efficient HVAC system with high-quality air filters to enjoy it to the fullest.

4. Calls for less repairing:

As it involves a decent amount of money to purchase an HVAC unit, it can equally be costly to have the unit repaired. To avoid this or to minimize it, the least you could do is regularly maintain and change your air filters. It will make sure that you do not cause unnecessary damage to both your system and indoor air. When you take into account preventive measures, you are also saving some bucks in your pocket because it keeps costly repairs at bay. If you are reading this, and have some high energy bills lying on your table, bad odor luring around and weird noises coming out of your HVAC unit, you now know what you ought to do. So, get going already, mate!

5. Better temperature control:

As it is evident, with the other benefits we discussed earlier in this post, changing the filters help the HVAC system work smoothly and produce the right temperature, be it heated or cooled air. It cannot be the case if the order or the air filters is brimming with dirt. With air filters of top-notch quality coupled with a smart thermostat, you can save up on the energy costs while at the same time, make the most of the system and maximize the temperature as per your liking. Your unit does not have to work twice the effort and energy; hence, the outcome is as fruitful as the air around. Spend both your summer and winter in an ideal environment by putting in a little effort into your HVAC unit.

6. Prevents mold infestation:

We are sure this might sound a bit absurd, but reality checks it what we are here to give you. Mold spores are not visible to the naked eye, but it does not mean they do not exist. They are there and possesses the nature to fill the indoor air with toxins. They can easily make a home in the most vulnerable parts of the human body. To put it accurately, they, for example, can gather in the folds of the ear and can pave the way for other serious problems. It can lead to irritation or even bleeding due to excessive dryness it causes. Molds are also a remarkable cause of respiratory problems in addition to allergic reactions. Furthermore, it is also instrumental in giving rise to depression.
Hence, timely maintenance and changing of these filters mean getting your home rid of these nasty creatures.

7. Greenhouse Gases:

These gases refer to a class of chemicals which, according to scientists, excessively depletes the Earth’s ozone layer and every HVAC unit produces high levels of these. This decline in the ozone layer than exposes the Earth’s surface to harmful ultraviolet rays, thereby leading to permanent damage to the temperatures in a process we all call Global Warming. Hence, to minimize this effect, it is recommended to have energy-efficient HVAC units which are only possible if the air filters are in regular check. Otherwise, be ready to face something sooner than it is expected to happen.

 8. Prevent noise pollution:

In case you encounter some unusual and unpleasant noises, such as humming or ticking, chances are that the HVAC system is experiencing some severe malfunction. We mean it when we say that ignoring these sounds can only call out for more damage. These noises come with a potential risk of causing hearing impairment the longer you or your family bear it. Therefore, as soon as you experience such noises coming out of the system, know that it is calling out for an in-depth inspection and not just a change of air filters. The sooner you will tackle the issue, the more significantly you will benefit and enjoy it. Don’t let those ears suffer for far too long!

9. Keeps health problem miles away:

If you are a house full of members with respiratory problems, then they are even at high risk in a highly air-polluted home. It is because it further aggravates the diseases, such as asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, which are a result of these allergens or air-borne particles. Not only this, but it also gives rise to problems like flu, fatigue, congestion, sore throat as well as irritated and itchy eyes.
Again, one way to ensure this does not take place in your house is by regularly getting those HVAC air filters checked or changed if they are way too clogged. It, in turn, will make sure that the air you breathe in is free or at least has a reduced amount of unwanted airborne particles.

We hope that by now, you must have understood how important it is to include HVAC unit inspection and maintenance to your regular home maintenance quota. Practicing this will only make you, your family, and your pocket happier.

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