Not only does the amount of time we spend sleeping matters, but the quality of sleep is also important too. We need different amounts of sleep at different ages. For optimal health, we need to sleep for at least six to eight hours. When we have a night of disturbed sleep, the whole day ahead is affected. We need sleep to think clearly, react quickly and improve our memory.

Just one disturbing hour of sleep can make it difficult to concentrate the next day and slow your response time. Studies also indicate that lack of sleep causes us to make bad decisions and take unnecessary risks. Sleeplessness leads to poor performance at work or school and also increases the risk of traffic accidents.

We invest a lot of money in different ventures which we think will benefit us, but do we think of investing for a night of better sleep. People complain of waking up even more tired than they were the night before because of a poor quality mattress. On the contrary, people who carefully choose the right mattress for themselves lead to a better quality of life.

There are many things to choose from when you are picking the best mattress suited for yourself.

  • If it’s a king mattress or a different size,
  • Materials it’s made of,
  • Number of layers,
  • A mattress which caters to your back problems (if you suffer from any)

Consider all these factors before buying a mattress.

Importance of buying the right mattress

One of the most important decisions while buying things for your bedroom is to choose the best mattress. Having a good mattress helps you to have an undisturbed sleep and avoid problems such as back pain.

Types of mattresses: what is the best mattress to sleep well?

The material from which the mattresses are manufactured determines their different characteristics. Let’s talk about the main types of mattress depending on its material so that you can choose the best one for you.

Materials that make up the mattress

Foam mattresses

Foam mattresses or HR (High Resilience) mattresses offer the ideal balance between flexibility, support, and firmness. These mattresses are manufactured without a spring skeleton that allows a very good adaptation and is very comfortable. These mattresses are very useful for those looking for firmness in their beds and to look for the best postural correction. Foam mattresses are widely used for children and adolescents.


Foam mattresses, if not the best quality tend to sink in and you have to change the sides of your mattress periodically.

Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses provide less firmness than foam mattresses. They are softer, bouncier than the foam mattress. It comes back to its original shape when you get off from it. It has great adaptability. This mattress is ideal for those who sweat at night as they are characterized by good ventilation.


Sometimes a pesky little spring can protrude out and disturb you whenever you use the bed.

Considering some factors will help you determine which the best mattress to sleep is.

What are the characteristics of a mattress that will help us rest?

To choose the best mattress, we must first consider several issues that will help us determine the characteristics of the type of mattress most suitable for each person.

Not everyone needs the same type of mattress to sleep well. There is an ideal mattress for everyone. Here are some clues to find the most suitable mattress for you:

Do you sleep alone or accompanied?

Quality of sleep differs greatly when a person is alone on their mattress or when they share a bed with someone else. The movement of your partner can disturb your rest by causing the mattress to move or even to sink in their half.

Although this sinking is minimal, it can cause your body to sleep, offering resistance to falling, so that rest is not complete and can even cause muscle aches and contractures due to a forced posture. Ideal mattresses for you are the ones that do not move or press when your partner moves. The latest-generation pocket spring mattresses offer adequate resistance and avoid the malformation of the mattress. Foam mattresses adapt to each figure and weight, keeping the space between the sleepers stable without transmitting movement.

Do you usually get hot at night?

If the answer is yes, we recommend that you opt for a rather fresh spring mattress. This would be a good option as it allows good ventilation.

Do you have any allergies or back problems?

You should take into account any allergy, injury or back problem, and choose your mattress based on this.

Back problems: Those who suffer from a pathology that prevents them from sleeping, it is well known that the importance of a mattress is applicable to their needs.

Allergy problems: When you buy a mattress, in general, it is important to check its resistance capacity against mites, bacteria, fungi, etc. But even more so if you usually suffer from respiratory conditions concerning them or skin reactions. A mattress can solve all these situations by maintaining a structure, covers prepared with specific finishes. Take this into account and opt for mattresses that are hypoallergenic and have anti-mite treatments to favor a deep sleep.

Do you usually move a lot during the night?

There are no specific mattresses for people who move a lot. A person who moves while sleeping, usually reflects that he does not rest in good conditions: their back is overloaded, they have an unnatural posture, the mattress reinforcement does not adapt to the pressure of their body. These are some of the reasons that lead a person to not be still during the night. A mattress adapted to you will allow you to maintain the best postural correction and this leads to a better rest with a sound sleep.


Carefully analyze all the queries and then choose your mattress because sleep detoxifies our mind and body of harmful toxins. Hence, you can’t compromise on mattresses as your lifestyle is hugely dependent on your sleeping patterns.

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