Camping is the best opportunity to cool your brain, de-stress and catch up with family members. When planning this expedition, you must make provisions for taking your power generator along with you. Yeah!, They can be noisy and heavy but what happens when your phone battery goes down. What about the campsite, won’t you rather enjoy light than dwelling in darkness or depending on the dim light of a candle? Therefore, don’t think about the weight but consider the benefits.

However, there’s one problem with using a power generator on the campsite-the noise can be disturbing. Well, that could defeat the purpose of the camping in the first place. It could also disturb other people who came into the wilds for some peace of mind. However, the good news is that we have some tricks to help you quieten your noisy generator. Yes, you can reduce the noise and utilize the functions.

1. Place the generator far from the campsite

This is one of the simplest ways to enjoy camping with a quiet source of light. If you place the generator 20 feet away, you’ll barely hear the noise it makes. Some manufacturers of these generators often indicate the volume of whirling noise it will make when you keep at certain distances. Therefore, utilize these instructions when you go for camping trips. Place the generator at a distance where the noise won’t spoil your fun and enjoy your trip.

2. Build an enclosure for it

Have you noticed that if you place a generator in an enclosure, the noise reduces? We’ve tried it sometimes at home when there’s an emergency power outage, and we need the power to work. If we take the generator into a ventilated tool shed and switch it one, the noise doesn’t disturb the family at all. Apart from moving it father away during camping, you can construct an enclosure with rocks, wood and bricks. Heap some rocks to get a solid floor, then use the woods and bricks to construct a little house for the generator. Try it and thank me later.

3. Point the exhaust pipes away from the campground

This is another simple trick you can use to quieten that noisy but necessary generator. Face the exhaust pipes away from where you’ve set up your tent. Maybe you didn’t know, but the exhaust and engine make the noise you’re trying to avoid. Therefore, change the position and enjoy some quiet.

4. Try the water trick

How would you love to experiment with a bucket of water? This trick may seem dangerous, but it works. Here’s how to do it:

  • Fill a bucket with water,
  • Get a long hose
  • Attach one end to the generator’s exhaust pipe
  • Put the other end into the bucket
  • Poke a hole on the hose to prevent water from entering the generator.
  • Or find high ground and place your generator there.

5. Use a sound deflector

This trick is not going to quieten the generator, but it will redirect its noise away from the campsite. Sound deflectors are those devices or objects that divert noise from where you are to another direction. With a sound deflector, you can enjoy your camping trip with lights but no noise.

6. Change the exhaust muffler

If the muffler is bad, the trick of repositioning the exhaust won’t work no matter where you place it. Therefore, once you’ve tried to change the position and yet nothing changes, check if it’s time to replace the exhaust muffler. You may encounter a small hitch while shopping for the muffler though. The solution is to get a mechanic to help in picking the right muffler because there are no universal ones.

7. Buy the quiet brand of generators

We believe that you can prevent the noisy interference or the stress of trying all the tricks by buying a quiet generator. The truth is that you can’t find a brand that will be quiet if you don’t search properly. Therefore, to get the best, consider the silent generators reviewed here. But there are ways to identify the quieter generators in the market. The first pointer is to get a small generator, although it may not be as powerful as the big bucks. But it will serve your needs while camping. So, there’s no point of lugging a heavy-duty machine to camping when you can use a smaller one?


Don’t go camping without a power generator. In this era of connectivity, you need your gadgets with you all the time. Also, you wouldn’t enjoy the panicky feeling of being stranded in a remote location because of a dead car battery. Therefore, select a quiet generator from the right source or quieten the one you have for a stress-free camping experience.

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