The use of car is considered the best way to explore the Land of Enchantment as it helps one to reach the most rewarding and remote places in the state. The bucket list has 8 themed trips that connect from ghost town to some of New Mexico spots. Whether you live in New Mexico or planning to visit, there is lots of attraction to be seen during these trips.

Meandering through the eight states and covering nearly 2,500 miles summarizes the American highway with views of classic hotels, vintage neon, curio shops, and view of wide range of landscapes from desserts to coasts to forests.

The best experiences and sites are on this hallowed road in New Mexico. The best unforgettable stops are found between Albuquerque, Tucumcari and Gallup. Here are some amazing tips to make your road trip more enjoyable.

How To Complete Paperwork that is required

ESTA application is needed for international tourist. A legal permit from New Mexico is needed for first time travellers. Millions of travelers use ESTA program each year to visit New Mexico as it warrants a Visa free travel though at a small fee.

An eligible tourist from VWP country can register for ESTA and be sure to Check ESTA status 7 days after submitting the application. Whether travelling by sea or air, always ensure you have your authorized and approved Electronic System for Travel Authorization before leaving a country or home. It is essential when planning for a tour in New Mexico for business purpose, medical care or tourism. The Electronic System is valid for 180 days where one can visit, for 90 days or less for every visit.

Identification such as state driving license, ID photo that meets military ID and USA passport are needed when applying for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. ESTA aids non USA citizens, those who have forgotten or lost ID to access New Mexico.

New Mexico Natural Wonders Road Trip

A combination of beautiful places with natural scenery in the Land of Enchantment into extraordinary road trip. Accumulate your vacation days as they will be used to tour sites like Valles, Caldera, Shiprock, Carlsbad Caverns National Park. This road trip is designed into Northern and Southern Loops as it takes 26 hours to drive.

10 Amazing Places You Can Go On One Tank Of Gas Road Trip

Considering the large size of New Mexico, the road trip has high number of attraction that you can reach on cheaply. This trip is seen on the shorter side as it is just over 300 miles, with not more than 5 hour drive. It’s supreme for a weekend tour where great experience from music to blue hole becomes fun.

A Haunting Road Trip Through New Mexico’s Ghost Towns

In New Mexico there are ghost towns that have scenic drives that connect seven left out places in rough loop. Progressing into the most remote Gila Wilderness to expose the mining towns where some of the areas are considered to be on private lands. Shakespeare organizes tours twice a month.

New Mexico State Parks Road Trip

Have you seen all of New Mexico’s 35 state parks? We have nine places that are compiled into one tour of the Southeastern part of the state and should be off your bucket list. These places comprises of wildlife viewing chances, hiking trails, lakes and mountain scenery. Make this a must visit site.

Road Trip Through New Mexico’s Most Picturesque Small Towns

A weekend trip to nine cutest towns in the state on road drive, takes seven hours without making any stop. The view of these towns are eye catching. Taking a break to visit these towns from the usual daily routine makes life feel so easy and fun.

The Ultimate Central New Mexico Road Trip

In order to start some of these tours, one has to drive. If that’s a discouragement, then it becomes a road trip. It is accessible to majority of New Mexican as it is in the middle of state, 371 miles drive with features of lava, wildlife refuge, missions and petroglyphs.

New Mexico Fall Foliage Road Trip

New Mexico has beautiful and bright color. A fall leave road trip is created to make what many considers the best season in Land of Enchantment. The trip takes about 7 hours to cover 300 miles. In this time, there are a lot of opportunities as you tour across the most gorgeous north central region of the state.

The Haunted Road Trip That Will Lead You To The Scariest Places

When you plan this trip to happen almost the same time with Halloween, or any other time of the year, this adventurous drive becomes the most haunted spots in the New Mexico. Ghost hunting shows have nothing on these road trips which leads to hotels, recording studio, schools and haunted forts.

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