For many of us, guilty pleasure is chocolates. However, one is quite familiar with how it is only used for eating when we are cranky or all lovey-dovey. Either way, we only know that chocolates are eaten and you can buy chocolates online. There’s no more use of it.

But, today, we have got something to reveal to you. It’s tad crazy, quirky and gooey but the output you shall receive is fabulous. Today, in this blog we have mentioned down top seven craziest things you can do with the chocolate.

Still not believing? Why not read the blog and try them out for amazing results.

Make a face mask

There’s one thing that everyone is familiar with and that is – chocolates does contain antioxidants. These elements are essential for your body as well as the skin. Chocolate face mask is a great option as it rejuvenates the skin and gives you a glow. It also nourishes the skin with the antioxidants thereby making your skin silky smooth.

 Clean your teeth with it

We have heard that chocolates cause cavity. While that does stand stronger truth but it’s the sugar inside the chocolate reasons cavity. Therefore, it becomes difficult to adapt that you can clean your teeth with the chocolate.

To your astonishment, it’s absolutely true. You can have chocolate toothpaste. But, firstly you will need the extracts from the cacao plants that can be used as an alternative to fluoride. It also taste the chocolate pudding. Yummm!

Besides the most important and vital thing for your teeth is to maintain the enamel coating. The cacao plants help you in stimulating the growth of enamel.

Use it as perfume

For a true chocoholic there’s another addition to try and take it on the next level. And that is by making perfume from it. No we are not talking about the true chocolate perfume. Instead when the essence of chocolate is infused with the other fragrance, a delicious fragrance is being made. It almost feels like heaven. Nevertheless, you can search online and get your desired perfume.

Make fake blood

Remember the movie Psycho and Night of the Living dead where there was lot of blood. Apparently, it was chocolate syrup used to portray blood. Isn’t that a amazing and cool fact? It surely is!

Try with cheese

Who doesn’t love cheese? There’s hardly anyone who wouldn’t enjoy eating a small cube of cheese. In fact we love cheese as much as we love chocolates. Since both of the items are our favourite then why not pair them up together?

Well, turns out that chocolate and cheese are great combination for the food. Try out the goat cheese, blue cheese or any other cheese with the melted dark chocolate, milk chocolate or any other chocolate and you will not be disappointed. In fact, you can do it vice versa as well. Melt the cheese and make a fondue to eat it with the chocolates.

A lip balm

Are you about to have your first kiss? Then you have ensured that you smell good. By smell good we mean is to have mouth clean and of course, a chocolate fragrance as mentioned above to have. Well for the mouth we have a brilliant option and that is to have a lip balm.

You can look upon the internet for the chocolate balm recipes and make one for yourself. In this way you will taste good and all set for infinite kisses. 😉

Add chocolate ganache to pastry

Last but not least, chocolate ganache. It’s the most delicious and sensational desert base you shall ever. Whether you want it for the cake, pastries or pudding – you can make ganache on your own by following the recipe available on the internet.

Sure, you can try out different kind of mixture and experiment with the chocolate, but we would suggest going with the classic ganache recipe. And later send chocolate cake online to your dear ones through our services.

So, that was all about the seven craziest things you can do with the chocolates. Try them out and do let us know about your experience in the comment section. Remember chocolate is your ultimate best friend, comfort food when you are upset. So, the next time you see someone sad, grab a chocolate bar or try out the above-mentioned ideas for a crazy burst of laughter.

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