You want to feel good and look good. However, you’re feeling stumped on how to do so. No need to worry—here are five tips to enhance your current wardrobe and some considerations as you create a personal style that you’re ready to show off to everyone.

  1. Choose clothes that fit

The first step to having a killer style is making sure that the pieces you wear fit you well. If you are looking for clothes, you should be aware of what size you are. This includes knowing your height and waist measurements. By knowing these key measurements, you can find the appropriate fit. You might be surprised to find out that if you’re (generally) under 5’4” you’re considered a contender for women’s petite apparel. This means you should start shopping in the petite section.

What’s great is that retailers, like Chico’s, offer petite clothing in many different styles. If you need a sweater, blouse, vest, or dress, they come in petite sizes. But, more importantly, they have less common petite apparel as well, like petite jackets. This way you can rock a perfectly fitted leather blazer, utility jacket, or trench coat in style. A bonus is that, when your clothes fit the right way, you save time and money on returns and tailoring.

  1. Add personal style

If you’re trying to look stylish, consider adding accents that you like. For example, if you love animal print, add this touch to small accessories. These accessories could be a cheetah-print purse. Or, if your favorite color is red, compliment your outfit with a bright red shoe. This not only adds a pop of color but also brings something more unique that makes the outfit more personal to you.

  1. Consider your technology

Next up on the list is something that’s commonly overlooked, yet it’s arguably one of the most visible accessories that you own. This accessory is your cellphone. Now you might be thinking, how can my phone help with my style game? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Purchase a phone case that allows you to express your personality and style. Wooden phone cases like these from Limited77 are unique, high-quality, and stylish. What’s even better is that while you’re improving your style, you also can protect your phone because these cases are made to be durable. You can buy a phone case for practically every phone type, including a wood iphone case.

These wooden cases are made from eco-friendly, real wood. The level of craftsmanship and detail on their wood phone cases is impeccable. To top it all off, it’s easy to get this stylish addition to your life because they offer free shipping in the continental U.S. as well as free returns and exchanges. Add a work of art to your phone to accentuate your eclectic style!

  1. Try something different

Dare to be different. Yes, this may seem like a cheesy phrase, but it holds some truth! Be willing to try pieces that you’re unsure of. As an example, you might not think that navy and white works well together, but a style guide or worker at the store says differently. That’s your cue to try it out. Or, maybe you never really wear dresses, but you see one that catches your eye. Your motto should be: just try it on. You never know what could look great on you until you try.

  1. Be confident!

If you’re out shopping, you might look at something you like, but you don’t feel confident enough to wear it. By feeling this way, you might be holding your back from experiencing something you love. Confidence undoubtedly starts from the inside and it radiates outward. If you feel confident in yourself, you will feel confident in whatever you wear. You still have to make sure that you enjoy your clothing choices. This way, every time you go into your closet, you’re satisfied with any piece that you grab. When you love every item, getting dressed is simple. However, wearing items you love also makes you feel great. It’s reported that dressing with confidence and intention can actually boost your mood!

As you make it your new mission to transform your style, remember these tips and ideas. With a few changes, some confidence, and unique accessories, your style will stand out from the rest in the time.

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