When hiring a plumber, it’s always handy to know a thing or two about what they might be hiding from you. While not all plumbers are created equal, most plumbers do tend to keep a few details to themselves. This detail, small or not, may cost you a few more dollars than you opted to in the first place if you’re not careful. To help you out, here are a few things your plumber doesn’t want you to know that you might want to address while you’re at it.

1. They Don’t Have That Part

Sometimes, plumbers don’t admit when a part is not available in their tool repertoire. In most cases, they would say something along the lines of having to wait for a week to get the right part. This is usually not the case. Sometimes, a plumber doesn’t have the part for the job because this is not a job that they usually tackle. Their tools, equipment and parts are usually based off of the frequency of the job they receive. When a plumber says they don’t have the part and that you would have to wait for a week to get the problem sorted, ask for every detail as to why that is the case. If you’re not satisfied, feel free to ask for a second opinion and hire a different plumber if you have to or if you think it’s a plumbing emergency.

2. They Have to Break a Wall

While plumbers in Wanneroo are usually expected to clean after themselves, this doesn’t involve fixing up your wall if they end up having to break through it. When hiring a plumber, be sure to ask for the crucial details. If they say that no such thing needs to be done, request them to inform you if the situation does change as they go about their job. Changes always happen when getting your plumbing fixed. It’s important to know that you are informed of every little detail before your plumber decides to put a hole through your wall to get to that pipe.

3. Where to Find Trusted Recommendations

While Google and Facebook reviews are incredibly helpful in finding the right plumber for the job, there’s nothing like a recommendation from a plumbing supply or a fixture store. The reason for this is that shops don’t usually work with bad plumbers. On top of that, they know about the work you need to get done. So, you can be confident that you’re hiring the right plumber for the job.

4. It Is Moveable

Let’s say you’re renovating your home and you’ve always wanted that sink or toilet on the other side of the room or home, plumbers who refuse to do this are usually just avoiding the amount of work that needs to be done. Though extremely costly, everything in your home can be moved. So before starting your plumbing renovation, ask your plumber about the changes you want. Pay attention to the cost of the job as well as the time it would take to get it done. You might have to move out for a few weeks or months to get all your plumbing renovations sorted.

5. You Can Choose

Just like having the option to move something during a renovation, you also have the power to choose what part goes with which. Be it as simple as a toilet handle or as intricate as your plumbing pipes, it’s essential to know that you always have the power to choose which material to use down to the brand you want for your home. Don’t underestimate this power just because you don’t know much about plumbing parts. Do your research. Sometimes, saving a little bit of money boils down to choose a PVC pipe instead of a copper one.

Now that you’ve got this information under your belt, it’s best to find a plumbing company that can give you all that liberty and so much more. In most cases, you would also want a 24-hour plumber for any emergency that you might have. If you live in Wanneroo or somewhere around the area, you also want a plumbing company that can provide you service outside of Perth CBD. Alkimos Plumbing and Gas is a mobile plumbing service that requires no call out fees during business hours. Their plumbers are considered as one of the most reputable plumbers in Wanneroo, Yanchep and around Perth’s northern suburbs. Their relentless dedication to their job transcends from a simple hot water system installation to a major kitchen renovation. Best of all, they have a 24-hour plumbing service, which means that you can give them a call at any time and you’re confident that they will come to your rescue. To know more about Alkimos Plumbing and Gas, give them a call at 1300 584 638 today! If you don’t know how to unclog a toilet without a plunger, this guide will be helpful.

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