Becoming an owner of a home is a dream of every person. It is one of the biggest and most important financial decisions that you take in your life. But buying the right home is not a cake walk. Most people prefer to take a home loan for having their dream home. Are you also considering the same?

The financial assistance in the form of home loan makes it easy for you to have your dream home. It is easy to repay a loan with monthly installments. But as going for a right home is not an easy task, the same goes for taking a home loan.

There are lots of formalities involved in letting your loan application accepted. To ensure your loan approved without any obstacles, go through the essential things that should be considered while getting a home loan.


Before taking a loan, do proper research to get a loan with the best terms that are available in the market. Make efforts; you can also search online. While searching for VA Home Loans, consider down payment, repayment tenure, and EMI. These are the factors that help you in applying for the loan with the best interest rates.

The amount associated with a home loan is bigger than other loan types. So, it is important to uncover all important factors while submitted a home loan application.

Credit Score

Your credit score plays a vital role while you are applying for a home loan. But homeowners rarely bother to check their credit score. Are you aware that having a low credit score can lead to rejection of your loan application? A good credit score is mandatory for any loan approval.

Timely payments and clearing your outstanding debt can help you in maintaining your credit report. Before applying for a loan, get your credit report and if required, take necessary steps to improve your score.

Plan Your Finances

View your financial condition and understand whether you can repay the loan comfortably. When you take a loan, it is necessary to pay your monthly installments on-time.  Most of the lenders even look for whether you qualify the minimum salary requirement. This move is to ensure that you can pay back the loan easily and quickly.

You also need to keep a tab on your expenditures during the entire tenure of your home loan. Saving money can help you in closing the loan effortlessly.

Equated Monthly Installments

EMI- Equated Monthly Installment is the amount or payment that a loan borrower needs to pay each month to repay the loan. Banks offer different options to settle down your EMI amount that caters to your needs. It also depends on the down payment that you made while purchasing a home. The more the down payment, the lesser will be the amount that gets converted into EMIs.

It is also recommended here that your EMI amount should not exceed 45% of your income.

Loan Tenure

The time taken to pay off the loan amount is referred to as loan tenure. If you choose for a long tenure, your EMI amount will be small but with a higher rate of interest. This results in paying more amount than the actual loan amount; it can become double or triple the loan amount.

So, selecting a higher EMI with shorter tenure is advisable. In this way, you will enjoy lower interest rates and save yourself from paying more than required. Banks also offer attractive interest rates for those who opt for a shorter tenure.

While opting for a home loan, it is necessary to provide all the information that is required as per your application. So, consider all the factors that are discussed in this article to avoid loan rejection when you apply.

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