Are you about to buy a house? Or, if you are a homeowner, you would have probably faced the typical conundrum of whether you should opt for single story house plans or duplex house plans.

As the prices for residential houses in Australia continue to increase dramatically, more and more new house owners have started debating the single vs. duplex house question.

While both these styles of homes come with their own benefits, the single-story home has a slight advantage over the other. But is a single-story house the right ticket for you and your family? Read through this feature to find out why single homes are better than others!

They Are the Perfect Option in the Long Run

When you buy a house, you invest a considerable sum of money to live here for a long time. Several years may go by, and even if your home remains in pristine condition, you may not.

And this is when you start relying on a wheelchair or a walker for easy mobility.

When you buy a duplex house, older citizens might find it challenging to climb up and down the stairs, which only worsens with time. On the other hand, single-story homes allow easy movement from room to room for older people.

In addition to this, young people and children also have several benefits of living in a single-story house.

They Offer High Energy Efficiency

Imagine living in a duplex house and designing a separate heating system for each room. Not only does this take up more energy, but it also takes up huge chunks of your money.

However, single-story house plans allow you to make use of a centralised heating or cooling system. This way, fresh air will flow through the house quickly without consuming too much energy or money!

They Are Wide and Spacious

The best thing about single story house plans is that they come with a family triangle, which is a general communal area covering the living room, kitchen, and dining room.

In addition to this, single-story homes also come with expansive windows and secured ceilings that help to create a cosy, comfortable area where your family can gather on a warm Sunday evening.

They Are Easy to Decorate

Single story homes usually are pretty big in space. This makes it easy for you to decorate your house.

Whether you want to add a beautiful sunroom, a bright patio, or a deck, the vast expanse of space will always give you freedom based on your preference!

They Are Easy to Maintain and Affordable

Cleaning and maintaining an entire house on your own can be a tedious task. However, this challenge increases when you live in a duplex house. You will find yourself constantly climbing the stairs while trying to keep the look of your home clean and neat.

To ease this task, you can consider moving into a single-story home. This way, you will have an easy connection between all parts of your house, without having to climb the stairs!

In addition to this, single-story homes are also much more affordable when compared to their duplex counterparts.

Parting Thoughts

Now that you have reached the end of this feature, you would have understood why single-story houses have the upper hand over duplex houses.

If you are still on the fence about this, don’t worry! With a bit of research, you can zero in on the right design that will feel safe, comfortable, and spacious for your family!

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