Anyone who has experienced a backache will know how agonizing it can be. You cannot sit in one position at a time or walk around freely, which can make your everyday chores difficult for you. Sometimes a backache gets worse, and the patient is unable to sit at all.

If you are experiencing a backache, you are not alone. Statistically, one in five people suffer from this problem. Even children can sometimes develop complications regarding their neck and back. A very obvious reason is our lifestyle. Sitting in front of computers all day is damaging for our body posture. A backache should never be taken lightly because once it is developed; you cannot shake it off easily.

Patients experiencing backache problems are either given pain killers or anti-inflammatory medicines. Some people find relief from such medications, while for others, it can be dangerous. People with chronic backache have to take pain killers regularly, and it is something that will eventually destroy their body organs especially liver. How long can you depend on pharmaceutical medicines to treat your pain?

There are natural remedies to get rid of a backache, which are quite effective. Unfortunately, they are not well-known. In this article, we will shed light on some of the remedies to treat backache that you may not know otherwise.

    Use Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal herbs not only effectively provide relief from body pains but they do so without having any side effects. There are a lot of people who only rely on such herbs and stay away from allopathic medications. These people are far healthier than the rest of us.

Kratom is an herbal supplement that most patients and their doctors don’t know about. Its popularity has only increased in the last few months as more and more people have come to know about its effectiveness. A lot of users have reported the positive effects kratom has had on their back pain issue. A survey done by the American Kratom Association found that almost all the users found Kratom to be effective not only for their depression, anxiety, and insomnia but also for the treatment of body pain.

Is Kratom legal or illegal?

Kratom has been seen as an opiate substance for years because of the lack of studies and research. And this is the reason, it was considered illegal in many countries. However, recently Kratom has been made legal in the U.S. (except a few states) and is a controlled substance. Internationally, kratom is a legal drug. However, due to its ability to elicit some questionable side effects, many countries have it federally banned (prohibitions on the possession, purchase, and consumption in any form).

    Exercise Regularly

I have learned from my experience that you can manage most types of pains with regular exercise (if you do it the right way). Many people choose to opt for medicines and pain killers which only numb down the pain while the major problem persists. Your goals should be not to ignore your pain but find a way to get rid of it. Doing exercises regularly can strengthen your muscles. Whether it is Cervical spondylosis or back pain, a few minutes of exercise on a daily basis will keep you away from any medicines.

You should focus on strengthening your core muscles, in this case, the muscles around your abdominal region. The muscles within your abdominal area are the muscles that support your lower back. Even if you do 20 minutes of core exercises daily, it can help relieve back pain.

Exercise also releases endorphins in your body. Endorphins help block the pain signals out. In addition to that, they help alleviate anxiety, stress, and depression. These are all the symptoms that are associated with chronic back pain (and can even make it worse).

The benefit of exercise is not just to control pain without taking medicines. Exercise strengthens the muscle; which is why there is a chance that you can completely get rid of the pain.

    Do Some Stretches

While you dedicate some of your time exercising, you should also stretch throughout the day, even if it is for a few minutes. Try to stretch before going to bed. The pain only continues to get worse with time if you choose to remain stagnant. The more you move, the better it will do. Even if you are in pain, and don’t feel like moving at all, lying down can only worsen the pain as your muscles tense up.

The tight hamstrings, located in the back of the thighs, can also contribute to lower back pain. Hamstring stretching should be done carefully and twice every day.

    Heat Packs and Cold Packs

A very quick and easy way to get relief from your back pain is with the help of a hot or cold pack. Hot and cold therapy can provide pain relief to your tired muscles.

Hot therapy stimulates the blood flow to your back and inhibits the pain receptors. On the other hand, cold therapy reduces the inflammation in your muscles and slows down the nerve impulses.

To get the best out of these therapies, place a heating pad on your back whenever you are in pain. After 20 minutes, switch over to an ice pack and let it give you relief for another 20 minutes. This combination can work wonders. You can try the hot and cold pack separately and together as well, and choose the method that suits you best.

    Get Proper Sleep

Another major reason for a backache is poor sleep. Sleep is necessary for our body to function normally. If you have a slight backache and fail to get proper sleep, it can only worsen your condition. Our body has to rest after the whole day, and if it does not have it, the body cannot regenerate and repair itself.

Just like sleep, your sleeping posture is also important. The best sleeping positions for you are to sleep on your back or your side. If you are having trouble falling asleep, you should consult with your doctor at once.

Use these remedies to get relief from your backache! Get Well Soon!

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