Coats may seem a single term, often referring to winter overcoats. But when it comes to creating an impactful fashion statement, jackets offer versatile styling options as there isn’t just one type. This outwear section can get you through leathers, wool, denim, vegan puffers, linen, etc. Also, they can help you pull off both formal and informal looks effortlessly when paired with suitable attire. And of course, these coats are must-have winter essentials, but you can put one on during summers too.

In the maxi coats or crop outerwear section, there are wraps for every occasion, body size and style. However, navigating via this section can turn into a downhill task with so many options. So, to make your journey simplified, here is a list of seven must-have outwear for women:

Types of Women’s Outerwear

The best thing about owning jackets is that you can repeat outfits with different overcoats and get a distinct look every time. This is why it’s worthwhile to invest in coats and blazers rather than stacking your closet with trousers and dresses. Younger Aussie women spend more time shopping, while elders spend more money, says a recent survey. So, skim through this seven essential outerwear that can pair with almost every garment type:

  1. Puffer Jacket

A puffer jacket is winter outwear, and it best suits ladies wanting to conceal their body profile. And luckily, puffer coats can remarkably get this job done and look wondrous on any body type, namely pear, apple or oval. Moreover, puffer coats are the best to wear during winters with rains. You have multiple choices in pattern, colour, finish and length, and to pull off a fashion statement, you can try wearing a waist puffer jacket with a high neck tee, short skirt and stockings.

  1. Blazers

What’s formal wear without blazers? But, today, blazers have moved from the stereotypical formal lookbooks. Yes. Blazers are casual, trendy and a grab-to outwear option!

Crop and fitted blazers can work wonders with solid strapless tops, and you can still flaunt your silhouette in them. Also, boyfriend blazers with slouchy cuts can get you more of a casual look, as well as they are lightweight, sleeky and go well with matching trousers. Recently, single-breasted blazers are the talk of the town, so you can get one to have your new fashion statement.

  1. Denim Jacket

If outwear could pair up with summers, there isn’t a better choice than denim overcoats. And when it comes to styling these coats, there are endless options. Crop denim coats with floral minis have been a casual, signature look among most celebrities. Meanwhile, blue denim coats with a black crop and skin fit jeans remain forever in summer lookbooks. These coats can remain your closet addition for a long time, and you can never have enough of them. So, some must-haves are crop denim coats, oversized coats and patchwork denim coats.

  1. Cropped Jacket

A leather cropped jacket with front closure is a go-to alternative to regular crop tops. They are classic pieces and land just near your waist and work best with high waist trousers.

LBDs and cropped coats are timeless masterpieces. Also, these overcoats can suit all skin types since they come in a myriad of fabric options, from leather to linen. In the meantime, work shift dresses, oversized shirts and maxi dresses are other complementing options.

  1. Hoodie Jacket

If you want to feel some cosiness during sleepovers yet prefer to look good, an oversized hoodie jacket is your best bet. Alternatively, you can pick form-fitting hoodie coats to pull out a chic look. Meanwhile, casual tees, loose trousers and crop hoodies go well together, and you can end up looking sporty in them.

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