Apart from providing for your children, there is a bigger dynamic when it comes to making your children satisfied, and happy. You may think that just getting your child that bike he wants, or that Barbie doll that your daughter wants is all that your child needs to be happy. This is not the case. There are so many things that your child wants to do with you that make them happy, and better citizens of the world. Your children may be wiser than you think. They get happy because of the simplest things.

Many individuals have utilized this knowledge and built very reputable kids’ entertainment franchises. Such franchises organize entertainment in the form of fun activities and parties for kids. An excellent example of these parties is the Yabadoo Kids Parties. You can follow their lead, and take cues and advice from your children, on what they want to do to be happy. Here are some of the known things that your children want you to do with them that would make them happy.

  1. Play with them

Nothing makes a child happier than a great playtime session. Children love playing as much, as adults love having their rest. Going to fun gaming and playing places for your child, or even just playing at home with your children will make them happy. Put aside a day or two in the week, where you can play with your children. You will realize that the bond between you and your children will grow, and good play will be therapeutic for both of you.

  1. Snuggling in front of the TV together

Children love watching funny shows and animations on TV. Your kid will probably have a better recollection of a cartoon episode from the previous day than what they were taught that same day. Honestly, animation movies are also really loved by adults alike. Bring along your blankets and comforters to the couch, snuggle in with your children, and watch a TV show every once in a while. You could even make this a tradition, and have a specific day where you and your children have a movie night. You will not miss to notice, how happy this will make your children.

  1. Sharing

Talking is very therapeutic for everyone. Your children want you to talk to them about: How your day went, what work was like, what you ate, what made you laugh and the likes. They also want you to listen to them as they talk about: What their teacher taught them that day, what one of their classmates did and what games they played that day. Take time to sit, and talk to your children. Sharing with your children will let your children know that you love them, and care about what goes on in their day. You can share your day’s experience with your child anywhere, when you pick them from school, as you are preparing dinner. Anytime is a perfect time.

  1. Cooking together

One of the most fun activities that your child would love for you to do with them is to cook together. Children love the kitchen! You could occasionally cook with your kids. Being in the kitchen, mixing ingredients, messing up, teaching them the process, showing them what spice goes into what will be a perfect learning experience for your children. This will also make them very happy, and give them a sense of responsibility because you have entrusted them with certain tasks in such an important thing.

  1. Taking part in competitions

Kids are very adventurous and competitive. Thus, the fifth activity that you could do together with your children is to take part in competitions together. It doesn’t matter what sort of competition it is, whether at your place of worship, at their school or even at a kid’s event, your child will love to take part in the competition with you. It reassures them that you are a team and that you think they are strong. Children love to feel strong.

It is essential for you to take parts in activities involving your child. Playing with your child, taking them to fun parties and even bringing them along as you shop for maternity dresses for a baby shower that you are planning will let them know that you value, love and care about them.

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