Are you determined to remain fit and healthy all year round? If so, it’s imperative that you make a conscious effort to tend to your wellbeing throughout the wintertime.To find three things you can and should be doing to remain healthy in winter, be sure to read on.

  1. Consume vitamin supplements

No matter how much you exercise or how healthy your diet is, you will still be likely to contract a number of illnesses throughout the course of the winter season. If you want to fight off the flu, wage war on the common cold, and ultimately retain a clean bill of health this wintertime, then you need to consume vitamin supplements on a regular basis.

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  1. Stay active… no matter how cold it gets

The cold winter climate is not conducive to exercise that much is for certain. Your motivation levels will be sure to drop once the outdoor temperatures fall, which means that you’ll no doubt be far less active throughout the course of the wintertime than you typically are in the summer. Regardless of the season, if you’re inactive for too long, your health and wellbeing will be sure to suffer.

Put the advice laid out below into practice, and you’ll be much more likely to push forward with your exercise plans no matter how cold or dark it gets outside. Start by motivating yourself with a challenge (you could aim to run a marathon later in the year, for example) or making exercising a social endeavor by buddying up with somebody that also wants to remain healthy throughout the wintertime.

Then, before you head out, ensure that you have some warm workout clothes. Better yet, invest in home exercise equipment (that way, the bad weather will never be an excuse). The great thing about doing this is that it will allow you to mix up your workout regime and try something a bit different.

  1. Fend off your carb cravings

As the cold, hard days of winter drone on and there’s seemingly no end to the season in sight, you’ll naturally start to crave a whole lot of carbs. Consuming carbohydrates will result in your serotonin levels rising, which in turn will trick your brain into thinking you are happier.

You may feel a short-term injection of happiness every time you eat carbs, but consistently turning to this type of food substance will have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing sooner rather than later.

Fear not, there are things that you can do to fend off your carb cravings. To reduceyour carbohydrate intake this winter, be sure to:

  • Eat hearty breakfasts that are packed with protein
  • Find other ways to increase serotonin levels (exercise is a great alternative in this instance)
  • Swap bread/potatoes for vegetables at dinnertime
  • Add some fat to your diet (this might sound counterproductive, but this is a much better way to treat yourself at dinner simply because it won’t cause an insulin release)

Put the above advice into practice, and you’ll be sure to stay fit and healthy right the way through to spring.

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