If you’re in college, you might find yourself in need of a term paper writer to help you out. The number of essays you’re assigned in college can be extremely overwhelming (especially because you have to write 12 to 20 before you even get there), and you might be struggling to know where to begin. If your deadlines are looming, and you’re concerned about your upcoming term papers, check out these three steps to writing a captivating essay.

Step one: think of your essay as a story

Starting an essay can be intimidating, especially if you know you have five that you need to write before Friday. Thinking of your essay as a story will help you. First, writing a story should be fun. If you think of your essay as a tale you’re telling a friend, you will enjoy the process more, and enjoying the writing means you are much more likely to actually finish your essay on time. Second, stories are simply more interesting than essays. Do you know anyone who reads essays in their spare time? How about someone who reads novels?

Thinking of your essay as a story will help you discover what’s exciting about the topic. Think about who the key players are in your topic and frame your essay around their experiences. Think about the conflict that you can explore in your essay. Think about a thrilling or surprise conclusion to your story. Thinking about your essay as a story will help you create a captivating and compelling piece of writing that will be fun for your professors to read and, more importantly, fun for you to write.

Step two: be specific

Good writers know that the best essays are extremely specific. Being too vague or general in your essay will leave the reader wondering or questioning the things that you have said. The more specific you are, the more engaged your reader will be. Providing a specific anecdote or example for your points will paint a clear picture for your readers and help them understand what you are trying to say.

At the same time, make sure your examples actually relate to the points you’re trying to make. Don’t provide examples that don’t fit with the rest of your essay, but instead create vivid images that you directly illustrate your points. Your readers will be captivated by the pictures you create. Also, having more specific examples will make your essay longer, which is always a good thing in college.

Step three: edit yourself

This step might not seem like a must-have for a captivating essay, but how can your essay be captivating if it’s incomprehensible? The best writers know that they always need to edit their work after they complete the first draft, no matter how confident they are in its quality. When you edit, you should be checking to make sure your grammar, spelling, and punctuation are all accurate. You should also take another look at the structure of your essay. Should you change the order of paragraphs two and three? Introduce the ideas of paragraph four in the introduction? Consider the structure and order so that your essay is the most compelling for your reader.

You’ll also want to make sure you’ve used excellent transitions and that your reader is able to easily follow what you’re saying. Essays that lack flow won’t be captivating for your reader and will very quickly result in your reader losing focus or becoming confused.

Sitting down to write an essay or 10 can be stressful, but if you follow these three steps, you’ll be writing captivating and compelling essays in no time.

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