The ability to ask for help and delegate parts of tasks to professionals is crucial soft skills every modern people should have. Take into consideration the multiple assignments an average student has per week and it becomes obvious how impossible it is to complete all of them without sacrificing one’s sleep, health, family, social life, and hobbies.

On the other hand, the market is so overwhelmed with offers that some students might find it even harder to choose an academic assistance company than to write this bunch of papers by themselves. Fortunately, there are some easy-to-spot indicators of great writing services that academic experts from have gathered for you.

The features professional writing services have in common

  1. Vast experience. Practice makes perfect. Companies that are new to the market may provide high-quality papers. However, with experienced services, your chances to receive top-notch homework are higher.
  2. Large order form. Even the most professional and the most expensive service cannot write a personalized paper for you if it doesn’t know your requirements. This is why a short order form with no detailed questions about your paper should be a warning sign and should prevent you from buying from such a site.
  3. Professional experts. Essay writers are the most important part of any academic assistance company. The problem is that most of these services don’t provide you with personal information about their specialists. Thankfully, some companies describe their “average” experts: read it carefully to make sure your paper will be completed by a reliable writer at all times.
  4. 24/7 support team. An easy-to-use FAQ section, as well as a friendly support team, is a question of respect to customers. Choose only those companies who care about you and offer you excellent service even if you haven’t paid them yet.

Which guarantees should good academic assistance websites provide?

Guarantees are especially important when it comes to online shops and services. How can an academic assistance company guarantee satisfaction to its clients?

  1. Authenticity guarantee. An academic paper should not contain plagiarism, full stop. A company can guarantee you this by checking papers before the delivery with plagiarism-detection software and with the promise to stick to your requirements and complete your assignment from scratch.
  2. Confidentiality guarantee. The GDPR is a must. As well as reliable payment systems and a privacy policy. If there is some external security protection software on the site, like McAfee Secure, for example, it is also a great plus and a demonstration of the company’s reliability.
  3. Free revisions policy. Writers aren’t robots and sometimes they make mistakes. However, a good company is characterized not by the mistakes it makes, but by the reaction to such mistakes. That’s why to be considered trustworthy, a service should have an algorithm to tackle problems. For instance, if your paper contains some flaws, there should be a free revisions policy that will eliminate any issues in the final version of your paper.
  4. Money-back guarantee. This is the ultimate satisfaction guarantee. Unfortunately, there are not so many websites that are ready to provide it. A money-back guarantee means if the company has let you down somehow, you will get a refund.

How can a customer help a writing service to complete the best paper possible?

  1. Send your order beforehand. Even though some services are ready to complete your order in 4 hours, it is always better to give writers some extra time.
  2. Fill in the order form thoroughly. The more details you give, the more custom your paper will be. Along with your academic level, type of assignment, discipline, topic, and number of pages, indicate specific sources you want your expert to use. If it is possible, provide your recommendations on the writing style and indicate your level of grammatical literacy. This will help your expert to mimic your style and complete your assignment as if was written by you.
  3. Stay in touch. This recommendation is especially important when it comes to urgent papers. Your academic expert might have some questions in the process of working on your assignment and the faster you answer them, the faster the writing process will be.
  4. Use additional options. The best writing services have a social responsibility policy. One of its expressions is the desire to give students a better understanding of a topic, and not only a ready-to-turn-in paper. Use additional options a company has to offer to have your assignment explained and to dive deeper into your discipline.
  5. Don’t be shy to contact the support team. There would be so much fewer misunderstandings if people would use their communication skills. Evolution wasn’t stupid when it gave language to people. Use it: ask questions if something is unclear, argue if you don’t like something, contact your writer if there are some details about your paper you forgot to mention when filling in the order form.

There are plenty of professionals who are ready to help you with your studies quickly and for reasonable prices. Just make sure you’ve chosen the best company to be your secret helper.

These main indicators of professional essay writing services, as well as some tips on how to get a paper written for you from scratch, were gathered by the Manager, Helga Moses.

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