If you’re a business owner, especially a small business, your main goal is to make sure your company grows and that your clients are satisfied with the services you provide. In order to achieve this, you need employees which are ready to give their best for your company. It’s your job to be a good team leader for them and to keep them every reason to do just that. A happy worker is a productive one, so here are some things you can do to keep your workplace productivity peaking.

Workplace décor

This is a good place to start, since the space you work in can have an enormous influence on your productivity. Working in a dull, stuffy and dark place can make anybody stressed and slow them down, which can influence your business, and not in a good way. On the other hand, by installing big windows you’ll provide your staff with plenty of natural light, and if you don’t think that’s enough, make sure you get several lighting fixtures, either on ceiling or the walls, as well as a desk lamp for every employee in the office. Also, if you paint the walls in just the right colors, you can achieve a lot. For instance, blue can increase focus, while yellow makes people more energetic, all of which you want from people working for you. The furniture should also aim to make your employeescomfortable and cheerful, so invest some thought into what you buy for your office. Finally, there should be enough storage space for files and office supplies, so that you avoid clutter and mess in the office, since those can create clutter and mess in your employees’ heads.

Good working conditions

Giving your employees access to everything they need to work efficiently is also a crucial step towards improving their productivity. Start with quality air conditioning units and service them regularly, since too high and too low temperatures can make them uncomfortable and distract them. Also, if your employees have to queue in front of the only functioning printer in the whole office, your business can suffer. Plus, if it turns out that, in the middle of a busy day you run out of printing paper or the toner cartridge is empty, it will waste your employee’s time and your money. So, make sure you get plenty of quality office supplies, which is now easier than ever, since some great companies such as Winc, allow you to order them online and they deliver all the goods fast to your office. Also, don’t forget the little, yet necessary things, like toilet paper, working pens and first-aid products, in case something unexpected happens. Whatever you invest in your employees’ comfort, you’ll get back through their work efforts. When there’s nothing standing between their creativity and ways of expressing it, your business can bloom before you know it.

Team-building activities

When members of your staff are in sync and know exactly how their co-workers think and function, they will be able to do their magic and make your company shine just when you need it to. This is something team-building activities can help with. By putting your employees in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, where they can have fun together while playing games and sports, or solving some interesting problems as a team, you’re encouraging them to learn more about each other and get used to each other’s mindset and actions. This will later reflect on how they work together in the office. Some suggestions for enjoyable team-building activities are paintball, laser tag or a scavenger hunt.In case these aren’t something your employees would be interested in, maybe you can organize an afternoon of wine and cheese tasting for them. Karaoke at the local bar could also do the trick, or you can make a weekend of it and send them to a camp where they can explore the wilderness or even build a raft together.

When you pay that extra attention to your employee’s needs, when you make them feel a valuable part of your staff, when you give them enough freedom to be their creative selves and when you reward them for their efforts and good results, they won’t regret going that extra mile for the sake of your company. So, by doing what you can to increase their productivity, you’re actually investing in your business, but also in your personal growth, as well as that of your employees.

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