Getting healthier is not rocket science but many people still struggle with making reasonable changes in their lifestyle. This is mainly because we try to change too much at once, which leaves us feeling overwhelmed and leads us to give up altogether.

In truth, getting healthier is way easier than it’s made out to be, as you will find in the following everyday tips to a healthier and happier life.

  1. Stop skipping meals. It not only affects your physiological health but can also make you edgy, irritable and moody without you even realizing it.
  2. Eat nutritious meals and eat them on time. Make it work by planning your day in such a way so that you’re around food (that is, you have access to food) when it’s time to eat.
  3. Replace the chips in your store-bought meal with a few nuts stored in your office desk.
  4. Start taking the stairs to work and to your apartment. Walk a few blocks every day if possible.
  5. Replace your packaged fruit juices and other beverages with a fresh fruit or vegetable smoothie. It’s easy and takes less than a minute to make if you have the right equipment.
  6. Boost your good cholesterol by including a sprinkling of seeds (flax, chia, etc.) over your salads.
  7. Face day-to-day anxiety. For instance, if wearing a particular outfit to work makes you anxious, face your feelings and think what you want to do about it—either give up the outfit or conquer the anxiety.
  8. Compliment someone every day—but make sure your praise is genuine and doesn’t come across as flattery. Making another person feel good is a great way to boost your own spirit.
  9. Pay attention to the digestive problems in your body as your digestive system is often the first to get affected when your health is going downhill.
  10. Chop your fruits and veggies thin. This way you’ll feel like you have more quantity on your plate and will feel satiated with the meal.
  11. Chew every bite till it’s reduced to the tiniest of pieces. You’ll end up having thoroughly enjoyed your food; in addition, this habit will also boost your digestion as your digestive system will not have to overwork to break down food.
  12. Hug more often. Hugging makes people happier—and healthier. Whether it’s a family member, a friend, your pet or a stranger, make the time for a hearty embrace.
  13. Sleep on a comfortable bed. Make sure your mattress and pillow are in good shape and properly support your body. Sound sleep makes a ton of difference in a person’s overall health.
  14. Remove clutter from your life. As this can take a while, the best way is to clear one drawer, cupboard or room at a time. Keep removing stuff every week that doesn’t serve a purpose or doesn’t bring you joy.
  15. Drink at least three liters of water every day. This age-old and time-tested advice has multiple benefits for your body, which in turn affects your mental and emotional health.
  16. Embrace natural therapies. Don’t pop the pill for every ache and pain. Reduce your dependence on conventional medicine and explore alternative home remedies for minor health problems.
  17. Don’t reach out for a cup of coffee every time you need an energy lift. Choose something else, such as a club soda and lemon drink or a cup of green tea.
  18. Find out if you have a nutritional deficiency. Ask your doctor for a healthy diet plan and supplements to optimize the micronutrient levels in your body.
  19. Change your cooking oil. Stop using chemically processed vegetable oils and switch to healthier options such as olive and coconut oil.
  20. Spend time outdoors. Ditch the screen and binge-watching and find ways to spend more time outdoors every week.
  21. Plan vacations that take you out of your comfort zone. Experiencing something new is a great way to enliven your body, mind and spirit.
  22. Avoid fad diets that eliminate certain food types from your meals. According to experts, depriving your body of nutrients is not the right way to lose weight.
  23. Cut down on red meat and reduce your alcohol intake. Take it slow so that you can make a sustained change towards a healthier lifestyle. For instance, drink one less beer on each outing with your buddies.
  24. Watch how you breathe. Practice deep breathing and be grateful for every breath you take.

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