Homeowners often think of common materials like clay, concrete, asphalt, and aluminum for their roofing. While these have been tested and proven durable, clever alternatives continue to emerge. For instance, solar shingles and stone-coated steel are getting recognized as brilliant substitutes. Here are their pros and cons.

Solar Shingles

They integrate photovoltaic (PV) panels into shingles, allowing homeowners to generate solar energy like with . While they appear similar to asphalt, their advanced function makes them special. Their 2 basic types are:

  • Silicon:It’s the most common one and is similar to a traditional solar panel. Since it’s thin and comes in a frame, it should be in line with an existing shingle material.
  • CIGS:It’s made of copper, indium, gallium, and diselenide cells in a light polymer sheet. It can be used for an existing or new roof.

Solar shingles are innovative because people can produce electricity, lowering their utility bills. They’re preferable for those who don’t want to mount panels on their properties. Besides being beneficial for homeowners, they’re also good for the environment. Unlike other devices, they don’t emit harmful gases when they generate power.

The drawback of solar shingles is that they’re more expensive than conventional materials and mounted PV panels. Since they’re delicate, they must be handled with care and installed by professionals. They can also collect dust and debris and get damaged by hail and strong winds, so they require regular cleaning, maintenance, and inspections.

Stone-Coated Steel

While the standard steel offers excellent protection, coating it with stone provides it with better quality. Its texture becomes distinct, improving the property’s curb appeal. Homeowners can also ask manufacturers for variants that mimic the look of clay tiles and slate roofs.

Besides its attractiveness, stone-coated steel is valued for its durability. It isn’t prone to curling, splitting, breaking, or warping, so it’ll last longer. Plus, it’s resistant to strong winds, extreme temperatures, and shifting weather conditions, including snows and storms.

Unlike other durable metals, stone-coated steel is easy to install because it’s lightweight. It also requires minimal to no maintenance to remain in pristine condition. The best part is that it’s recyclable, so it can be repurposed when homeowners renovate.

Meanwhile, this outstanding material still has its cons. It has high upfront costs, making it uni-deal for those working on a limited budget. While it resists extreme climate, it doesn’t block out the noise produced by hailstorms. Homeowners need to install a barrier between their roof and ceiling to minimize the sounds.

Stone-coated steel and solar shingles are smart alternatives to conventional materials like wholesale solar panels. Those who want these for their properties must contact reliable roofing companies. Trusted contractors can pick the most suitable one, install it properly, and conduct preventive measures to minimize disadvantages.

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