Auto accidents happen every day and chances are that you would have witnessed at least a couple of them yourself, in the last week itself. Every year, millions of people get into accidents on the road. Most of these, without any fault of their own. Still, navigating the complex maze of law and road safety rules after an accident can be incredibly troublesome without an Orlando auto accident attorney. Lawyers help guide you through the entire process and stay with you until the end. They even help you get the compensation that you deserve.

How can you help?

While an Orlando auto accident attorney would surely make most of your problems go away, remember that they come into the scene a little later. Right after the accident, how you reach can make all the difference in the world. Whether you are helpful or not, whether you stay on the scene or not, all of it counts. That is why here are some things that you absolutely must not do after you have been involved in an accident through no fault of your own-

  1. Do not flee – Whether it is a minor accident or there are major significant injuries to any party, the most important thing is to stay at the site of the accident. Fleeing the scene might even be punishable in your state. Getting away, thus, is a strict no-no.
  2. Never forget to call first responders – The requirement of the scene could be calling for medical help or the police, but you have to always call them. Sometimes, even the fire department may have to be engaged. Of these, the most essential one is calling the police. Without their initial report and assessment of the scene, it would also be tough for you to tackle the legalities of insurance, or trial (if there is one). This would also make sure that there are no gaps in your story, which may come back to haunt you later.
  3. Ignoring Injury – While it is good and kind of you to take care of the other injured parties, it is also vital to assess your injuries as well. Because of adrenaline, you might not always realize it, but you can sustain some serious injuries. Being in an accident itself is a shock. Always check yourself for distress and call the proper authorities should the need be there.
  4. Not giving importance to details and documents – Because of the legal proceedings and insurance claim processes that might come after the accident, it would be a great idea to gather all possible information from the scene where the accident has happened. For example, you can click several pictures of the entire area on your phone, take note of the involved parties’ contact information, get a copy of the police report, etc. All of these would go a long way in helping your case afterward.
  5. Not hiring an Orlando auto accident attorney – While it is great that you are now taking the initiative and getting things done on your own, please understand that this is only a start. Getting professional help in the form of an Orlando auto accident attorney would be indispensable in getting you the fair compensation that you deserve, while protecting you from the red-tapism of the system. Since you can always avail of an initial free consultation, it would be beneficial to contact an Orlando auto accident attorney.


Although auto accidents are simply unavoidable, how you react to them is not. Under stress, maintain your calm and reach out to first responders and professionals as quickly as possible. Remember, the most important thing is not to get too emotional, as it would impair your decision making.

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