Humans’ entire life is a compilation of memories. Isn’t it? Good old days are enough to live and spend the rest of one’s life. Everybody knows that memories are unreliable, and they can never come back. The only way to save these memories is to capture them in the form of canvas prints.

These invaluable memories in the form of prints are not very expensive as you can buy them as wholesale prints. Sellers usually opt to sell canvas prints wholesale to generate consistent revenue and expand the market. Consumers can utilise it to their favour and create canvas prints of their unforgettable, pleasant memories.

What are canvas prints, and how is it made?

Canvas prints are made from an image stretched or mounted on a hard surface, and then the canvas is stretched over it. Some printmakers call this process the “stretching” or the “holding” process. When the canvas is stretched, the printmaker removes the areas behind the canvas and grows the canvas out into a larger surface.

The areas behind the canvas remain, but the entire canvas is stretched out onto the printing surface. The next step is to “stretch” the whole canvas out, and the image is now spread with the entire canvas on the printing surface. The image is thus stretched out into the size of the printing surface, and the whole process is called “stretching”.

Steps to choosing a canvas print for your space

Choose the resolution of the image.

Everyone knows the importance of pixel size for a clear picture. It directly influences your decision on the frame proportions. Typically, a large canvas will require a higher resolution image for good results. Thus, it is not wise to go for an image lower than 250 KB.

However, what to do if your favourite photo is in a less resolution?

The canvas print makers help with it by reducing the frame proportions. A small print can save the clarity of the picture and avoid a blurred look. So, no need to worry when you have an image with less resolution. You can convert it into a canvas print but within a small frame proportion.

Ensure that the image complements your space

Your taste in artwork reflects your personality. Take time to discover what kind of art or image suits that particular place. You will stumble upon something that reflects your personality. Many craft print ideas and inspirations include family images, modern art, paintings, or anything abstract and imaginable.

Choosing themes for each room is a trend now. Usually, canvas prints for bedrooms should have soft and neutral colours. You can add to the kitchen’s look with photos of mouthwatering dishes with bright colours to induce your appetite and inspire you to cook. Finally, you transform the look for your entire space, spending less money with wholesale prints.

Explore different options

Many different options are available in canvas prints like full wall display, single canvas, photo splits, etc. Single canvas is very commonly used by many to give a personalised look. Advertisement companies primarily use full wall displays for promotion. However, if you wish to cover an entire wall with your favourite picture, you can opt for it. It can be a beautiful spot in your whole home. Photo splits are like collages with an extra dose of creativity and are one of the trending preferences among customers now.

At last, you know what canvas prints are and how to choose one; go ahead and plan to redecorate your home with these modern and stylish canvas prints.

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