Best known for being an established and valuable information hub, the website was a household name up until November 2023. No! The website has not been discontinued. Its mission to provide you with informative, valuable, and useful content lives on.

So, if you have been searching for the website only to realize it is no longer accessible, stress no more! Here is all you need to know about Stick around to the end to discover how to access the website. Cyber

So, What was Cyber Awareness and Why Did People Visit the Website?

As discussed earlier, was and is still your source for the latest insights into business, travel, technology, and several other topics. The website still covers these topics in a very informative and persuasive way to retain and attract a greater reader base.

The website appealed and still appeals to different audiences including tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, researchers, and more.

Since the information on the website is accurately organized, you can find the information you need efficiently.

Even though was redesigned in November 2023, it still retains its ease of navigation. Yes, the website was redesigned and you can access it through a different domain that we will reveal at the end of this blog post.

What is the Team Behind Cyber

After the redesign of the website, some significant changes in the team working to keep the website alive have been made. The team is currently made up of eight members including the CEO.

Because of their passion and commitment to serving their audience with the most recent and valuable information, the content on the website retains its authenticity, credibility, and timeliness. Here is a list of the current team members:

No. Position Name
1 CEO Carlos Handley
2 Chief Editor Johanna Cleveland
3 Public Relations Specialist Mylo Ray
4 Content Strategist Daisie Phelps
5 Technical Writer Jessie Villanueva
6 Video Producer Jeffrey Walmsley
7 Sound Engineer William Stevenson
8 Blogger Stacy Connor

Does Cyber Post Third Party Content?

With all the changes and popularity, you must be wondering whether accepts third-party content posts, especially from experts. If you are an expert yourself, you might be pleased to know Trendzguruji does accept posts from experts. However, they mostly accept sponsored posts.

Sponsored posts are created to promote a service, message, brand, or product to Trendzguruji’s audience. To distinguish Trendzguruji’s native content and sponsored content, always check the disclaimer at the top of an article. Sponsored posts are labeled, “paid,” “sponsored,” or “promoted.”

Even though you can submit a guest or sponsored post to, it must go through vetting to ensure the following content guidelines are in place:

  • The submitted piece should be 800 – 1200 words long and can include info-graphics.
  • The post should be error-free and original.
  • The post should have one high-resolution photo. And the photo must be relevant to the content.

So, make sure your post aligns with these guidelines before submitting it to decrease the possibility of rejection. Keep in mind that does allow freedom of expression, however, you must focus on submitting blog posts that are respective to their community.

Why Visit Cyber?

So, is Trendzguruji still worth visiting? Yes. However, you might realize some sections of the website are yet to be updated. This is simply because of the time and effort it takes to update and redesign a website. But you are assured of finding the latest information spanning various topics including:

  • Business
  • Community
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology
  • Travel

All these topics are neatly organized into categories, making it easier for you to navigate the website. There is also a search feature to ease the process of finding specific information.

Besides gaining expert insights from the website, you will also have a chance to engage with their community. You can connect with or follow on various social media platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

How to Access the Website

You can now access Trendzguruji through this domain:

The initial domain,, is no longer functional and does not redirect you to the latest domain. So, every time you want to gain access to Trendzguruji, consider searching using the keyword, “Trendzguruji website.” This is a much better way to find the website.

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