Content marketing is a vague discipline that many people should understand. Some people think that content marketing is just a basic service, while others think that it generates small amount of income. The raw truth: content marketing is as good as it gets! If you work hard and smart, you will realize that content marketing is an online gold mine.

These are five strategies that will help you make it big in content marketing:

Build a Unique Aggregator Site

In a world driven by content, aggregator sites can make a real difference. Basically, an aggregator site gathers trending news and content from other sites in order to reach a specific audience. Building this type of site requires an uninterruptible flow of content legwork on your part. It will be ‘crazily difficult’ at first, but you will enjoy passive income after a few months.

But with hundreds of aggregator sites on the fray, how can you make a difference? The keyword is uniqueness. Discover a strange niche that will serve your audience. If possible, you can also add interesting materials and free reports that will help your visitors significantly. With the help of some ads or a membership subscription scheme, your aggregator site will earn money.

Before setting this up, you may need the financial boost of a licensed moneylender in Singapore like Cash Mart. The money can pay for website costs and hosting fees.

Become a Busy Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a field that’s both overestimated and underestimated. Many people believe that they can become rich through affiliate marketing. Others, however, believe that affiliate marketing is as dry as the Sahara. The answer: situational basis.

Competing with large affiliate marketing sites is a big no-no. These sites have already established themselves many years ahead. What you need to do is to research about the hottest niches and stay in a ‘small pond’ that you can rule over. Next, prepare your affiliate links and put them into your content. Keep your content as valuable and coherent as possible. Otherwise, your site might be penalized.

The life of an affiliate marketer is a busy one indeed. You will be on the hunt for products constantly. More than that, you need to keep your content ideas flowing. But if you managed to hit an affiliate gold mine, then the profits will paint a smile in your face.


Create Infographics for Businesses

Nowadays, everyone seems busy. Your friend needs to binge-watch that latest show in Netflix. Your cousin probably spends hours poring over Facebook and Twitter feeds. The situation is same for thousands of other people in the world. They don’t have time to read a 3000-word wall of text.

The solution is to make an infographics content. If you’re into graphics design, making infographics will be a breeze for you. Or a gust of strong wind – depending on the material. You just need to prepare an outline, analyze it, and make the infographics content. People love drawings, charts, diagrams, and colorful stuff. Eventually, you can showcase your infographics skills to clients who need your service.

Create Pre-Packaged Strategy Plans

Sometimes, a client’s success is determined by his or her strategic plan. Every client has a different set of strategic needs. Some may need funding, while others need to reach out to a large group of people. If you’re going to think about it, you have a large sphere of international clients to choose from. You just need to know where to look.

Perhaps you can round up a compendium of strategic plans that can help any client with his/her goal. All you need is a website, a social media profile, and a set of tools that will help you automate the creation process. To fund this, you may need the best instant cash loan in Singapore. Simply adjust the loan based on your business plan.

Since you are offering a consultant-like service, most of your time is best spent on marketing and building client relationships. You should consider outsourcing your content creation and research process to a freelancer. By doing so, you can save more time.

Flip a Site with New & Spicy Content

Creating a website from scratch is like building a car. It takes a decent amount of time and a long stretch of continuous testing. What if you can cut the time by purchasing an existing site and improving it? That’s even better!

All you need to do is visit a website selling platform (i.e. Empire Flippers). Purchase a low-priced website and start the long process of content creation. Make sure that the content is related to your target niche. Give or take – you may need 3-6 months of solid content before you can make an ample difference. Once your flipped website is ready, you can sell it to a hungry marketplace.

You must consider the flipped website as a long-term investment. Do not give up your day job for it. After selling the site, you can repeat the process as often as you like!


With content improving rapidly, there will be more ways to make money. It will be difficult at first, but you will reap the fruits of your content marketing success eventually. Do not lose your focus and try your best to think outside of the box always!

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