A kitchen is a place where we spend most of the time of our day. Be it cooking, doing the dishes or even aromatic baking, a well-maintained kitchen has all the required tools to make things happen in a hassle-free manner. A well-organized kitchen is also easy to clean and maintain. 

A kitchen is the place of your house that works as a signature in symbolizing your lifestyle. It does not matter if the kitchen is small but its proper orientation with every tool at its place, clean counters and smoke absorbent chimneys or exhaust fans tell a lot about its inhabitants. Here is how your kitchen can look tremendously wonderful.

  1. Categorize Everything: Once you start managing your important kitchen tools, such as spoons, fork, pans, dishes, plates, glasses, oven and fridge, you need a cabinet or a shelf to organize them perfectly. You need to keep in mind to have a shelf or cabinet or drawers for every tool separately. It will make your work easy while cooking your favorite cuisine. In fact, it will turn the whole experience in a subtle and fulfilling one.
  2. Fix Your Zones: Know your kitchen and manage your zones wisely. For example, make a zone for doing everyday dishwashing, manage a separate zone for cooking with an outlet for smoke elimination, keep another small space for pantry and put all the spices intact and labeled there. A separate zone for the fridge and water dispenser is also required but you should refrain from putting these electronic appliances close to the cooking area. A zone beneath your sink can work for recycling where you can keep your garbage and other vegetable waste. Also, keep a coffee bar and a built-in wine cooler to enjoy weekends with your family, friends, and guests.
  3. Organize Your Kitchen Creatively: Go creative with your kitchen stuff and know where to put things and how to manage them properly. The management of the sink area is of paramount importance. A towel hanger should always be there for cleaning stuff periodically. All the sprays and insecticides should be kept under the sink cabinet. Dishwashing items and brushes, steel and ironware should be kept in an anhydrous environment to avoid flammable explosions. Countertop organizations should have a stand of napkin rolls and a fruit stand. The purpose of the fruit stand is to store those fruits which do not need a temperature-controlled environment or refrigerator assistance. Put racks for pans to avoid overlapping. Keep a paper tray for different types of chopping and cutting boards. Avoid sunlight or UV exposure where spices are stored.
  4. Simplify Your Space: Different houses come with different sets of challenges. Most of the modern-day kitchens have L-shaped countertops. They offer great convenience to the people working in the kitchen. Keep a feet gap from the right and the left side of the stove and place oil and other cooking essentials there. It is wise to use paper baskets to utilize your extra cutleries. 
  5. Cabinet management: You can decorate your cabinet walls and borders with paper or wallpapers to not only give them an aesthetic boost but also to keep away from unpleasant odor. You should place phenyl and naphthalene fragrant sachets to avoid invasion by insects. Group different utensils and steam-ware together. As far as glassware is concerned, it is always a great idea to keep them in a safety rack. Electronic appliances come at a price, therefore, you need to go that extra mile to keep their safety intact. You should place electronic appliances together in a separate cabinet.
  6. Declutter Your Cooking Area: Nobody likes to work in an area that is at sixes and sevens. Especially, if you’re working in a kitchen, you must make sure it is in an orderly fashion and you know exactly where everything is to be found. The best way of pulling it off is to adopt the box methodology and place relative items in different boxes to declutter the area
  7. Make Use of the Dead Space: Even after placing all the relevant tools and utensils in different cabinets in the kitchen, there is still some space left. Such dead spaces look absurd and it is not easy to use them efficiently in most of the kitchens. Most of the time, you find such spaces at the dead-end of the cabinets where you hardly reach with your hand. The best way to deal with such a challenge is to use sliding racks, which allow you to gain access to these dead-ends of the cabinets and use them efficiently. 
  8. Give Some Space to Pantry Area: Pantry is one of the most important parts of a kitchen. This is why it deserves more attention. The first thing you can do to get the best out of the pantry is by giving it a bigger space. Also, make sure to design it in a way that gives you easy access to all it contains. You should take help from Lazy Susans, stacking shelves, and transparent storage containers for this particular purpose. 
  9. Create Spatial Zones: It is wise to distribute your kitchen in spatial zones. Creating specific zones always contribute to the overall efficiency of the kitchen. You should place the refrigerator, sink, and oven in three different corners of the kitchen, which would make you feel comfortable while cooking. Moreover, you can also create dishware storage, food storage, cooking zone, and cleanup space so that your kitchen is always in perfect working condition. 

The Final Word

The kitchen is one of the most important areas in your house. It deserves a lot more thought process than it generally gets. If you’re able to create an awesome cooking place that encourages a healthy environment, you’re not only going to give your family great food but also feel comfortable while cooking many different and new cuisines. 

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