Sciatica back pain can impact anyone and usually starts with a herniated disk in the lower spine. This is common and causes pain, numbness, and weakness along the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back to the buttocks and legs. An injury or overuse of the lower back can cause pressure on the nerve resulting in this back pain.

How Does it Start?

Sciatica back pain starts in the lower back and gradually impacts the hips, buttocks, legs and sometimes the feet. This usually affects both sides of the body. Your lower back, as well as the side and back of your legs, will start to feel sharp pain that can also cause numbness and weakness.

What are the Risks?

People between the ages of 30 and 50 are at the highest risk for experiencing sciatica back pain. Extra weight on the body also puts those at risk due to the extra pressure on the spine. This is the same reason pregnant women tend to experience this pain as well. Those with diabetes are at a greater risk to develop sciatica back pain because of their higher risk of nerve damage. Also, those who do a lot of heavy lifting or prolonged sitting can experience sciatica back pain more often.

What are the Treatment Options?

To treat sciatica back pain, you can start with over the counter pain relievers for short term relief and less serious conditions. However, you should always seek a doctor who specializes in spinal decompression in Scottsdale to receive the proper diagnosis and treatment plan tailored to you.

In addition to pain relievers, you might want to try cold packs on the lower back for a few days, then switch to hot packs. Yoga poses and exercises are also a good way to help stretch your spine to find relief from lower back pain. Keep in mind that staying in motion will help reduce the inflammation, so try not to sit still for too long.

More severe cases might require physical therapy or even surgery to find relief.

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