The Stigma Surrounding Depression

As absolutely challenging as it is for many segments of the population to comprehend, there is still a stigma that lingers around depression. Some individuals feel that they will be judged or characterized as a different type of person simply due to admitting that they are struggling at one point in time, or even as a chronic complexity, with a challenging mental illness. This can be especially true in the workplace, and some industries placing a higher level of negativity on potential mental health conditions than others.

We, as a society, must learn not to view the need for mental health assistance as a weakness or as a choice of some sort. Mindsets and the perpetuation of stigmas create a very high number of individuals who end up suffering in silence, delaying treatment, or never receiving treatment that could have created a positive change in one’s life.

Other effects stigma all too often leads to hiding the underlying effects, putting on a mask and a show to the world to cover your true pain, to isolating oneself, and, worst of all, to delaying or not receiving treatment for the issue. Depression treatment can be exceptionally effective and truly guide in the healing of mind, body, and spirit. Education and constant reminders can be effective ways to eliminate stigmas, reminding people mental health conditions are things that can strike anyone at any time and need not have shame involved in treatment.

Depression Treatment Centers

Depression treatment centers such as The Bridge Recovery Center are highly specialized facilities that can offer life-changing results following an intensive inpatient stay. Removing the individual from their typical surroundings over the course of a three-week treatment time allows for the growth of perspective while taking a break from the intensity of the situation they were in. During the treatment period, strategic methods for processing the potential underlying causes of depression are utilized. Each and every treatment is specifically selected for the individual in order to serve the needs of that specific person to the best of our ability.

Some of the commonly known treatments for mental health conditions that we offer include CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), relationship training to guide different dynamics through the repairing and rebuilding phase that often needs to occur once someone seeks treatment to become healthier, life coaching, medications when appropriate, and a wide variety of hands-on therapies including equine, art, music, and exercise. Often the exercise involves reminding the individual in treatment of the importance of the mind body connection in order to receive treatment as a whole person, and it also may serve to further eliminate the stigma of a purely mental issue.

The breathtakingly beautiful environment in Southern Utah, premium accommodations, meals, weekday massages, and a variety of activities are all present to support the healing of each individual who comes to The Bridge Recovery Center.

Preparing To Successfully Re-enter Society

Our care for the patient does not simply stop after their time at our treatment facility. In fact, we are proud to include aftercare. This is a very helpful portion of the treatment in order to help patients transition from the slightly more sheltered realm of the treatment facility back into the “real world” with all of its challenges. We offer a truly comprehensive form of depression treatment.

In conjunction with the work that each individual has put into building healthier, stronger relationships, repairing relationships that were in need, and learning how to set healthy boundaries for interactions in all aspects of life, it is our hope that The Bridge Recovery Center puts people on a path to success.

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