For many people, choosing a suitable bathtub for their home is an overwhelming process. There are many things to consider, like the style of the tub, bathroom layout, and the functionalities of different tubs. Bathtubs can indeed provide a very relaxing bathing experience. At present, there are a variety of options in bathtubs online, ranging from freestanding ones to steel, stone, and acrylic baths. People use bathtubs every day. Hence, it’s imperative to invest in the one that aligns well with their lifestyle. Given below are some points that should be considered for getting the best equipment.

Know About the Different Types

There are many types of bathtubs. You can arrive at the right decision by knowing about its different variants.

  • 3-wall alcove – These tub-shower combinations are developed to maximise space. They feature unfinished ends that generally get squeezed in between an external wall and a built-in storage solution. Usually, you can see them with a wall-mounted shower.
  • Drop-in tubs – They get installed inside an enclosure. The finish of the section matches the cabinets or tile in the bathroom. A point to note is that the chamber is different equipment and is not a part of this tub type.
  • Freestanding bathtubs – These kinds of tubs have sculpted bathing on top of a sturdy base. Freestanding bathtubs onlinehave lots of areas around and beneath. Thus, they make bathrooms look more prominent and airier. They are designed in a manner that eliminates the requirement of a frame for supporting them. Therefore, they offer ease of installation.
  • Undermount tub – These get installed under a rim. It means that the surrounding area is covered so that the tub is adequately assisted by the flooring underneath. Undermount tubs are similar to the drop-ins tub type. The only difference is that drop-ins are placed over the rim.

Know About the Material

The tub’s lifespan that you choose is majorly dependent on the material from which it is made. The common materials out of which bathtubs are fashioned include the following:

  • Acrylic – ABS acrylic is very durable and is easy to repair. It is a non-porous material and repels mould and mildew.
  • Fibreglass– It’s an inexpensive bathtub material, which is easy to install and clean. It is quite popular and widely favoured.
  • Porcelain-enamelled steel – Bathtubs made from this material are highly durable. The porcelain coating on steel imparts a glossy finish.
  • Stone resin – This material is crafted from polymer resin and ground stone. It retains heat, and its colour doesn’t fade.

Note Your Budget

It’s important to know how much expense you can afford for this project. You should include the bathtub cost and the expenses you will incur in the installation and fixtures like faucet handles, tub spout, and overflow drain. Try your best to have a flexible budget. Nowadays, there are many options for bathtubs that can suit different budgets quite well.

Think About the Location

If you want to relocate a tub in an already set bathroom, determine the location of the plumbing. The overall cost can increase if you decide to move the tub’s location beyond 3 feet from the current plumbing. It’s because new pipes will have to be added underneath the flooring. But if you choose to remodel your bathroom, then adding plumbing will not impact your expenses much.

The right bathtub goes a long way in making your bathroom look elegant. At the same time, it also imparts a very comfortable and reposing experience. Choose the right one by being attentive to the factors mentioned above.

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