“Eyes are the windows of the soul.”

This goes without saying that the eyes act as a tool of expression. Eyes can be the best way to let people know your feelings. Not only this, eyes are the centre of makeup as well.

The hike of makeup hasn’t made any difference in the significance of the eyes. It is still one of the key features that are highlighted primarily. Especially, when we talk about the wedding makeup, eyes are the key feature. So, we discussed the popular trends with the makeup artist in Ghaziabad.

They told us about the popular eye shadow colors and trend choices for quirky brides. So to sum up, we have #12 eye makeup looks which you can rock on your D-Day!

#1 Concealed Eyes

This the simple eye look in which the dark spots around the eyes are concealed with the help of a concealer. This helps to make the eyes look more prominent.

#2 Golden Eyes

This one is to highlight the structure of the face, because the eyes are highlighted pretty well. And it leaves your eyes with subtle finish.

#3 Red Eyes

In this look the eyes are shaded red in color, which is usually mixed with one or two more color.

#4 Rose Gold Eyes

 This eye look is very popular and can give your eyes a natural look. Moreover, the rose gold eyes can be very attractive to look at and can catch anybody’s attention.

#5 Cut Crease Eyes

In this the inner part of the eye lid is lighter in tone and the crease is highlighted. The part above the crease is darker in shade.

#6 One Shade Eyes

In this the eyes are shaded in one single color without much mixing of other eye shade. This provides a particular tone to the face.

#7 Bronze Eyes

This is the most common eye makeup method for the bridal look. It goes very well with heavy jewelry.

#8 Silver Eyes

Similar to the golden eyes, this look can be the best for the brides who will wear bright colors and go for a light makeup. This can help you highlight the eyes and balance the simplicity of the makeup.

#9 Highlighted Water Line

This is the type of eye makeup which can make your eyes look bigger and highlight the water line of the eyes. In this look the waterline is highlighted with glitter or a highlighter.

#10 Glitter Liner

This is not an eye shadow but a dramatic eye liner. In this the eye liner is full glittery or partially glittery in appearance. You can match the color of the eye shadow with the color of the glitter liner. It will give a very elegant monochrome look.

#11 Inner Part Of Eyes

In this the inner part of the eyes are highlighted with a sheer glitter and a highlighter to show the proper structure of the eyes. This gives a very dramatic look to the eyes.

#12 Smokey Eye

This is one of the most common eye look that is very popular and can go with any look whatsoever. In this the eye is shaded with dark eye shadow and will leave a smokey effect on the eyes. It is usually mixed up with glitter to highlight the bulge or the edges of the eyes.

These are some very popular eye makeup trends that can help you decide the new bridal makeup! But don’t forget that makeup is not that important but your personality and well being is. So, we hope that you have an amazing wedding!

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