Now that the holidays are over, and the sparkly, noel-scented bath soaps are gone, what kinds of gifts are appropriate to give for people who want to have their skin looking its best, no matter what the season? Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean your gift-giving is. January ushers in a whole new year of birthdays, anniversaries, hostess gifts, and surprises. We have a whole line up of post-holiday skin care gift ideas that are sure to brighten anyone’s day during the new year.

What To Put In A Skincare Box

The great thing about a skincare box is that you can put a few small items, or larger items. You can customize the box to fit any skincare type or need. This makes a skincare box a personal touch that lots of friends, co-workers and acquaintances will love.

Hyaluronic Acid

One item that you might want to put in a skincare box for the new year is hyaluronic acid for skin. Hyaluronic acid for skin is a great skin care serum that has many different purposes, and it is especially wonderful to use this time of the year, especially if the recipient of your gift box suffers from winter dry skin. The Hyaluronic acid helps skin cells maintain their moisture, which means your skin looks firmer and brighter. Hyaluronic acid also works to plump up skin, making it appear younger and firmer, while working to increase the level of buying collagen as well. All of these are great reasons you might want to add hyaluronic acid to any skin care routine.

Derma Roller

You may also want to add a 0.5 derma roller as a gift for your skincare box. Derma rollers may seem like a new tool, but in fact, they belong to an ancient practice of acupuncture. Derma rollers have tiny, thin needles attached to a roller. These tiny needles create a microscopic hole in your skin. When that happens, your body goes into defensive mode. It rushes collagen and elastin into the area. Both collagen and elastin plump up your face, and erases fine lines. Your face will feel firmer, and over time, you will begin to see the results. Many people use the derma roller along with a skin serum in order to make the skin serum more effective. There are many different sizes of derma rollers. The 0.5 derma roller is great for your face, but there are other sizes you may want to try for your scalp, and the rest of your body.

If you are looking for other things to put in your skincare box, here are a few other suggestions to try. You may want to try a facial mist, especially during this time of the year. We have several to choose from. One of our favorites during the winter is orange spray, because of its refreshing citrus scent. If you choose to use it before you go to bed, we recommend you try the lavender for its calming effect. Facial spray is a great addition to a skincare box because they help you retain moisture. Whatever gifts you choose for your skin care gift box, your friend, coworker, or relative will love it!

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