Several conversion programs and tools are developed by technology experts to meet user’s needs when it comes to converting files. PDFBear is said to be a conversion pdf tool that is open and accessible to all. They can be reached through using different preferred devices and mobile platforms. PDFBear is a dependable service provider for everyone.

People often have a hard time finding the best PDF converting service with high-quality results. Luckily, PDFBear will do a great job in terms of file converting needs while maintaining file resolution and quality. PDFBear not only caters services for pdf to word converting but also for other formats, making it easy to obtain if needed in another form.

Upload A PDF File In Two Ways

If you are in a rush and need to know how to convert pdf to word free from hassle and stress, then PDFBear is the only solution since it converts files fast and gives quality outputs for users’ needs. PDFBear conversion services enable users to make changes in the file format, file size, arrangement, and many more options that a user can choose from.

Developed features and enhanced mechanisms are what PDFBear holds for people to obtain their files in a type of format that they need. Knowing how to convert using this tool will make this quicker instead of manually retyping your content into a new blank word document. In this website, you will acquire your needed formats even if you are in a hurry.

PDFBear will let you upload a file to their server before beginning the conversion process. PDFBear gives you two ways to upload files. The first one is to click the Select files and browse through your device’s storage or folders and click the chosen pdf. The other one involves dragging and dropping movement. Choose a file and drag-drop it to the box provided.

Drag and drop feature is provided by PDFBear to simplify the uploading process for everyone. The time for uploading of files in their system will not take long. After selecting a file or dragging a file to the server, you will see an icon saying that it is uploading. Once it has uploaded to PDFBear’s server, you will proceed to the next step, which is choosing an option. 

Choose An Option Before Converting

PDFBear has two main options in terms of pdf to word conversion. If, after your file has been uploaded to the server, you will see two options. The first option is to “Convert to Word,” this option is free to access. Second, is “Convert Word with OCR,” and this is a feature that only pro subscribers can access. Even if you choose the first one, it’ll still have excellent quality.

The period needed for PDF to Word conversion is succinct. PDFBear is free for all users and helps save time and money when instances like to convert PDF to Word data comes. PDFBear can transform files quicker than predicted and still excellent because even if it is quick processing, it always gives quality saved files. 

Save Or Download Converted File In Word Format

The generation of files, when converting, will only be done in under a minute. After you choose an option on the second step, you will see an icon saying “generating.” This alert indicates that your file is undergoing conversion changes

This conversion only goes for less than a minute, and then you will proceed to a refreshed page. What you see on the refreshed page is your output in word file, a download button, a link, and other options you can click if you want to make more changes to your document.

If you’re going to save it directly to your device, click the download button right beside the converted output. You can also delete it if you want by clicking the trash bin icon beside it. 


PDFBear will not make things hard for you. They even made it simple and accessible for users that are not tech-savvy, the ones who only want to get files converted without facing troubles or errors. This article will guide you through your converting process if you utilize PDFBear’s services and features. PDFBear is the best solution for file altering needs.

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