Civil services being one of the most aspired professions in the country, therefore making the exam one of the toughest in the country. The UPSC exam tests not only one’s knowledge but also the candidates overall personality. It is a test of strength, patience, consistency, determination, and hard work. It becomes essential to learn and implement the art of managing stress during preparation. Too much stress can hamper your health as well as preparation in the long run. Therefore it is essential to manage the stress that an aspirant undergoes before the exam, and the primary way to do this is to start preparation at least a year before the exam. UPSC 2020 prelims is almost a year ahead, and it is time aspirants begin their preparation.  Read through to find out a few tips to manage stress for the upcoming exam.

Understand that it is normal

Every single aspirant goes through similar episodes of stress and anxiety. It is the nature of the exam that makes the aspirants anxious and impatient. It is how you manage your thought, which becomes the ultimate factor in deciding the chances of getting desired results from among a group of people with similar opportunities.

Be organized

When you have a clear picture of your daily agenda and a long term goal, it becomes easier to track your progress and achieve what you want to in the given time. Make sure you don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself. One often underestimates how much he can do in a month and overestimates how much he can do in a day. Set achievable targets and reward yourself for achieving it.

Pursue a hobby

One cannot continuously study for long hours and still retain what was studied. It is not important how long you study. What becomes important is how effective your study sessions were. Here, hobby comes into the picture. Doing something you love will not only reduce the stress but will also help you freshen up your mind for the next study session. It could also help you in adding a field to your Detailed Application Form (DAF).


It is crucial to declutter your mind now and then. Take breaks in between your study schedules to concentrate on your breath. Meditation helps you calm your mind, which will make your study sessions more productive.

Eat a balanced diet

Often, the importance of having a balanced diet is not emphasized enough. Minerals like magnesium help in reducing the stress causing cortisol levels.  Drink enough water to keep you hydrated, do not skip meals and snack on healthy foods.

The syllabus for the exam is undoubtedly vast. The preparation might get mentally taxing at times. You can achieve much more than you think you can, with the right state of mind. Understand the reasons that cause stress and take corrective actions accordingly.

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