Have you always wondered about whether finder’s keepers is true or not? Did you recently find something that belongs to someone else but holds great value? Then, you need to find out if finder’s keepers is actually true and if that means that you get to keep what you found. The children’s taunt “finder’s keepers, loser’s weepers” is something that just about everyone has heard while growing up. But, just how true is it in real life? Let’s find out.


The saying has been followed since the beginning of time. It dates back to when valuable possessions used to be animal carcasses and when hunters used to look for prey. There are various law schools that have devoted many of their classes to the property rights of hunters in the past. The law has been searching for answers to lost and found items.


Although many people might say that finder’s keepers is true, it is still important that you do your own research. The next time that you find something valuable such as a winning lotto ticket, this is what to do if you find a winning lotto ticket. It does not mean that you should start digging in your backyard looking for treasure or at the casino for lotto tickets. Now, you could maybe someday find gold treasure underneath your house. There is no need to be lazy and stuck to the normal routine. The truth is that it is perfectly fine to find something and consider keeping it as long as someone’s life does not depend on it.

For instance, everyone knows what happens at a party. There is the joy of having fun and staying up all night until the sun rises. However, everyone knows that they would end up forgetting something at the party. If you have ever been to a party, chances are that you might have forgotten something at the party such as your scarf, sweater, dollar bills, smartphone, photo ID, and the like.

Normally, anyone that throws a party would be tempted to message or call the party attendants to ask them if they had forgotten anything besides their own dignity. But, there is always the thought that comes to mind where you think to yourself that everything left behind is yours for the keeping. This post is not encouraging or discouraging you from feeling this way but rather focuses on the acknowledgement of the fact that you are bound to have such thoughts.

Difference Between Finding & Stealing

There is fine line between finding and stealing. This is why you need to be careful about what you keep. Property that is in someone’s pocket or purse is not lost and it means that you cannot simply take it from someone when they are not noticing. Moreover, there are several items which scream that they belong to someone exclusively such as a smartphone or a photo ID. Thus, you need to simply determine whether something is truly lost or not.

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