Thailand is one of the world’s most famous tourist attractions located in South-east Asia. It is well known for its ancient ruins, breathtaking beaches and amazing Buddha statues. The moment you will arrive on this land, you cannot let go of its striking beauty. From watching the sunset in its stunning beaches to witnessing the Grand palace in person you will be fascinated with everything you will see. You will find yourself surrounded by most friendly and down to earth people.

Mouth-watering Thai Food!

 Apart from its eye-catching places, you can also have fun with Thai food. You will find a variety of Thai cuisines to suit your taste buds. The food is healthy and lightly prepared with some spices. However, the only problem you will face is choosing places to visit as there are countless spots for your interest. If you’re planning on going to a world tour Thailand is a must to visit. You will get astonished by its beauty and interesting culture. Its soothing atmosphere will take all your stress away.

Muay Thai – One of Thailand’s Oldest Secrets!

Thailand is not only famous for its mouthwatering food and its thriving beauty but one more thing that comes all the way from Thailand is Muay Thai. Muay Thai is a type of kickboxing sport which was generated in Thailand during medieval times for hand to hand combat. It is over 2000 years old and is the most popular combat sport for 80 years. There are many muay Thai training camps present in Thailand. Many Muay Thai gyms is for good health and holiday in Thailand.

An Ideal Physical Activity!

 Just like any other physical activity muay Thai has benefits of its own. It is a full-body fitness workout which involves a lot of important muscle activity. If you are overweight and want to have a toned body give muay Thai a chance you will not get disappointed. It is the best workout for weight loss.

Muay Thai training has a variety of physical activities which involve jumping, running, kickboxing which is obvious to help in losing stubborn body fat and achieving a toned body. Its intense body workout increases your stamina and improves cardiovascular function. It is not a sport of weak hearted people.

Increase in hip mobility is yet another muay Thai advantage which will benefit you in old age. Moving your hips regularly through physical activities on a daily basis helps to prevent hips injuries. Exercising daily will not only help you to achieve a gorgeous body but it is also a beneficial act for mental health as well. A Muay Thai gym for good health is and it is a good gym for holiday.

Join the Muay Thai Training Program!

After a tough day throwing some punches will give your brain an endorphin boost. Going to muay Thai training sessions daily and following a healthy routine will help you in maintaining self-discipline. Slowly but eventually you will get rid of all your unhealthy habits and will adapt yourself with a better lifestyle. Muay Thai will not only help you to achieve a healthier and beautiful body but also you will be physically trained for your self-defence! It will be easier for you to knock out anyone.

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