Diet pills can be a great alternative for those that find it quite hard to lose weight. It becomes entirely easy to eliminate excess fat when they use them. According to the promise from some of these diet pills, there’s no need for exercise regimens or a strict diet to burn fat.

As a weight supplement, Lipozene has similar promises even with remarkable effects. And to know whether Lipozene is safe to use, this article will review its effectiveness.

What is Lipozene

As a weight loss supplement, Lipozene contains glucomannan, a water-soluble fiber. Mainly, Lipozene’s sole active ingredient is glucomannan, which has its origin from the konjac plant, otherwise known as elephant yam.

Since a whole glass of water can turn into a gel through a single capsule, the exceptional ability to absorb water is one of the traits of the glucomannan fiber.  As such, it serves the purpose of emulsifying or thickening food when used as a food additive. Also in shirataki noodles, it is used as the main ingredient.

With its water-absorbing property, glucomannan has several health advantages which include the reduction in blood sugar and cholesterol levels, constipation relief, and weight loss.

The claim of Lipozene is to provide all of these benefits as the commercial product of glucomannan. Also contained in it are stearic acid, magnesium silicate, and gelatin. While these are added to keep the product from getting lumpy, they offer no help with weight loss.

How Lipozene Helps With Weight Loss?

There is a tendency of weighing less for those that consume more dietary fiber, according to observational studies.

While several ways abound for you to lose weight through soluble fiber, no one knows the exact reason.

With glucomannan being its active ingredient, Lipozene may promote weight loss through some of these ways:

  • Promotes gut health: Through the promotion of good bacteria in your gut, it may have an indirect influence on the weight. As a result, you will be free from the risk of weight gain.
  • Lowers calories in diet: It will prompt less consumption of calories by cutting down on the absorption of other nutrients such as fat and protein.
  • Low in calories: You won’t need additional calories in your diet because these capsules, which are low in calories, will make you feel full.
  • Keeps you full: Lipozene expands in your stomach as it absorbs water. It makes you feel full for longer since food leaves your stomach at a slow rate.

It is possible for several other soluble types to provide similar results. However, you can feel full through an extra-thick gel that forms from glucomannan’s super-absorbent properties, which makes it even more effective.

Does It Actually Work?

A lot of surveys have been conducted to know the weight loss effects of glucomannan, which is the active ingredient of Lipozene. There have been positive but small effects from these studies.

In a random process, researchers assigned 176 participants to a 1,200-calorie diet including either a fiber supplement that contains a placebo or glucomannan. Compare to the group that took the placebo, the fiber supplement group lost around 1.7 kg, about 3.7 pounds.

Final Thoughts and Disclosure

Keep in mind we are not endorsing Lipozene what so ever. Lipozene is not approved by the FDA for weight loss. There are only few select drugs that have been approved for weight loss. Granted Lipozene might have some helpful ingredients, but realistically you cannot lose weight unless your in calorie deficit. Utilizing exercise helps greatly as well. So do not take this article literal that Lipozene will make you lose weight. You can also read a review on Lipozene by visiting this Lipozene Review page.

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