You know those people who always seem to have their act together, knowing what they want, when they want it and how to get it? Their perfect lives are the source of envy for many and while getting there may seem impossible, it’s truly not!

The common denominator among these people is the mental resilience they showcase. Failed once, they try again. Got rejected, they use it as an educational moment. The world-beating them down, they take up the challenge to rise above it all. The kind of fortitude this requires is an astonishing feat in its own right. But, these are still human feats, not miracles, which means you are just as capable of achieving them. How do you ask? By building the mental muscle, practicing restraint, knowing yourself and ultimately toughening up. Here is a list of things you could work on to get a seat at the table with the world’s best. Practice mental strength exercises every day and makes 2020 the best year ever.

Label Your Emotions

Have you ever been irritable or had a bad mood on an otherwise good day? If it continues on, you’re sure to feel mentally exhausted and it will take a toll on you, compromising your productivity and impacting how you engage with your friends and family. One of the great hacks I’ve learned to deal with this is being aware of your emotions and labeling them. If you’re sad, hurt, anxious, angry, anything really, make it a point to analyze what it is you feel and acknowledge its existence even if to yourself only. It’s sure to reduce the intensity of these emotions weighing you down.

While you’re at it, pay attention to how these emotions impact your decision making. When you’re emotional you tend to get irrational. While this is normal, know yourself and your reactions. You’ll be in better control of your life.

Manage Emotions in Healthy ways

Knowing which emotion you feel is not enough. You must practice processing them and managing them is a healthy way. You don’t want to break out in tears in the middle of a meeting. You need to regulate your emotions. Use this moment to reflect on what coping skills you use currently.

Do you eat more when nervous or drink when sad? How do you vent your frustrations to your loved ones? Do you get angry and irritable? Do you turn into a recluse? If you do, know this: in the long-run this will only harm you.

There are multiple coping methods you can use. Try meditating, coloring, spending time with a pet or gardening. Bear in mind though that what works for one, may not necessarily work for another. Experiment with what coping methods work for you. It’ll take a little time to figure out, but you should invest this time. The benefits you’ll reap are endless.

Break the Unhealthy Thought Cycle

Getting trapped in negativity can really bog you down. You must break from this cycle.

When thoughts like ‘I can’t do it’, ‘I’m not good at this’ and ‘I’ll only fail in the end’ pop up in your head, squash them that very second. Don’t let them take root.

They rob you of mental strength and stop your progress. Pay attention to them and soon enough you’ll notice a pattern or common themes, which will offer an explanation of sorts as to why you feel this way. Maybe you’re scared, maybe you think you have no control of your life, whatever it is it’s coming from somewhere and making you unproductive. Change the way you think to counter these thoughts.

When you think ‘I can’t do this’, say to yourself ‘this is interesting, let me do my best to see what I can do.’ Thoughts are powerful! You might want to read ‘The Secret’, it’ll guide you better in this department.

Be Kind to Yourself

Don’t be too hard on yourself. You just have to do the best by you and if you make mistakes, well, you’re just human and it’s okay!

People who are mentally tough are practitioners of self-love. They value themselves and thus, are confident in who they are. Learn to say ‘No’ when you’re uncomfortable with something, prioritize yourself. Start treating yourself how you’d treat someone you love. After all, as Oscar Wilde said, to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.

Take Positive Action, Break Bad Habits

Try new things and give your best. Doing X is hard, make it a point to keep doing it. Practice makes perfect, you’ll prove to yourself you can do it.

I’d also recommend that you establish healthy habits. Get plenty of sleep, eat right and take out the all-important me-time so your body and brain are relaxed and at their best. Break bad habits, some of them are quite easy too. For example, when you get home, keep your shoes in the drawer and hang your clothes in the cupboard instead of dumping them on the floor or bed. These small habits can really affect the mood you’re in, try it!

Cut Out Toxic People

Weed out the negative people in your life, they drain massive life force to fuel themselves. Sure, it’s hard to find friends and change is not comfortable, but please value yourself!

It’s understandable that you can’t remove certain toxic people, but also don’t give them any importance. Don’t be an instrument for them to channel their inferiority complex and selfishness, you’re your own person and you are beautiful. Also, avoid the temptation to become negative. Don’t backbite, don’t indulge in gossip, focus on yourself.

When confused, look up positive things on the internet. Listen to motivational speakers, take an online course or follow a yoga class. Just call Spectrum Customer Support and you’re good to go.

That’s the Gist Anyway

These are some things you can do to turn yourself around and become the confident person people aspire to be. It is okay if you’re not the toughest person today, work on yourself and you will be. And, while you do don’t forget to shower yourself with love. It will be okay!

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