It is estimated that over 70% of workers inthe US are affected by back pain that is a result of incorrect posture while working. While companies have generally taken an increase in health and safety measures to promote correct posture (such as training and specially designed office chairs) over recent years, home workers are still susceptible to bad posture while working and the health problems that it can cause.

How to Keep Good Posture While Working from Home

Working from home has become more and more prevalent in recent years due to developments in technology that enable remote-working models to be just as efficient as traditional office-working models. The current global pandemic has also caused a dramatic increase in the number of organizations that are adopting working-from-home models, and have therefore increased the number of employees who are working from their homes.

How to Avoid Bad Posture

If you are suffering from health problems or a lack of flexibility due to incorrect posture, sites such as can help you totreat these issues and regain flexibility. If you are looking to act now to prevent potential future problems, the following posture tips should help you.

Choosing Your Workspace

Many home workers will choose to work using a laptop while sitting on the sofa or even lying in bed. Even if you are using the kitchen table as your workspace, the chances are it has not been designed to be worked at for long hours. When you work at these kinds of workspaces you are much less likely to consider your posture. The first step towards looking after your posture when working from home is to get hold of a suitable desk and chair.

Adjusting Your Chair, Desk, and Screen

Even if you have set up a full home office with a desk and office chair, you may not have set up your chair in the ideal way to promote good posture.

The height of your chair should be set so that your upper arm, lower arm, and elbow form an L-shaped right angle when you are using your keyboard. Ideally, your computer screen should be level with your eyes.

While it may be tempting to recline in your chair, this can have negative impacts on your posture; while leaning forward in a hunched-over position can be just as bad. The best solution is to adjust the back rest of your chair so that it is straight and sit with your back straight. Placing a small cushion behind the small of your back can help you here.

Other Tips

If you type on a keyboard for many hours a day, why not consider investing in an ergonomic keyboard and/or a wrist rest? These can make you more comfortable and prevent repetitive strain injuries.

Getting up and walking around at least once every hour or two can help you to stretch your muscles and avoid cramp and pains that come from sitting in the same position for hours on end.This could be walking to the corner store on your lunch break, or simply walking around the kitchen while you make a cup of coffee! Follow these tips to avoid becoming a victim of bad posture.


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