Nowadays, the environment is increasingly contaminated due to human activities ranging from industrial pollution to personal pollution. You are likely to be confronted with a lot of pollution outside such as particulates, noise pollution and soil pollution. However, the indoor air is not clean and fresh, either. We still need to take several measures to maintain a good indoor environment. Several tips are provided here for males, in particular, who may have less environmental awareness than the average concerned female.

1. Less smoking

Cigarettes, cigars and tobacco all produce various harmful minute particles when they are partially burned. Moreover, there are over 7,000 types of compounds in cigarette smoke, of which 69 are carcinogens and 172 are extremely harmful. It is not hard to imagine that smoking is considerably harmful to your health. What’s worse, you do greater harm to your family members or those around you with secondhand smoke.

If you smoke in your house, all the indoor air is tainted by it. For the sake of family members’ health as well as yours, stop smoking. Smoking in public places is also not recommended at all. If you are a chain smoker, try to improve by smoking less.

2. Use an air purifier in your home or in your working area

Just as we already know, indoor air pollution is much more serious than the outdoor air pollution. Air purifiers are effective to capture the pollutants in the air, creating a much better air quality in your home or in your office. And as a result of that, the mold problem, the allergy problem and the asthma problem can all be alleviated effectively. It is much more important if you have kids or old people in your family. Do you have a dog or a cat in your home? The fresh air is important for the pets too, pets hair, pets allergy problem can be solved as a result.

3. Close windows

We are always told that the windows should be open for natural ventilation. However, don’t forget to close your windows when the outside air is heavily polluted. You can’t improve your health by bringing toxic air inside.

 4. Pay particular attention to hygiene

Personal hygiene should be given top priority. Before you enter the house, pick or brush off the dust on your clothes. After you come in, remember to wash your face with warm water. Then change your clothes in case dust is carried to the sofa or bed. Having special clothes that you only wear at home will prevent the spread of pollutants from outdoors to indoors. When you have pets in your house they can also come off with a very bad odor that fills your house. In order to avoid this, use the best dog shampoo for shedding when bathing your dog to ensure it stays clean.

5. Go on a light diet

As everyone knows, too rich a diet is not good for health. Just as many women do, have more fresh vegetables and fruits such as pears, oranges and cabbages. Keep away from sour or spicy foods, red pepper in particular. Additionally, it is important to take a vitamin and mineral supplement.

No matter whether you are in the open air or at home, you should form good habits and take measures to protect yourself from air pollution.

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