Those people who are into shooting always find reloading their ammo amusing. Many people like reloading their ammo since it gives them the freedom to choose different types of brands, tools or any other equipment.

There are both professional and beginner people in reloading. We can assume that the skills of the professional and the beginner are not alike at all. But even professionals can sometimes perform some common mistakes.

Today we are going to talk about the common mistakes people do while reloading ammo, and how they can avoid these errors. Make sure you be attentive. So, how to avoid the common mistakes of reloading? Let’s check them out.

Avoiding the common mistakes while reloading

Reloading is a simple process. Well, it is supposed to be simple. But still, the process can have a lot of details depending on the reloading press type.  From simple to progressive step of reloading, you will do some silly mistakes. These mistakes are often regarded as common mistakes of reloading. Now, we are going to talk about these mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Avoid using cracked or dented cases

This thing is an important matter in reloading. People usually recycle used cases after shooting. This may look quite the economical choice for some, but that is not the case. You need to inspect the cases regularly. If the case has any crack or dent, your shooting accuracy will get lower. Cases with slight dent or crack are less accurate to their target.

So, you need to check out the case. I am not telling don’t use recycled cases. You need to inspect them on a regular basis. Otherwise, you may also get injured.

Avoid too much powder charge

This is another common mistake in reloading. Sometimes people charge the wrong amount of powder while placing the bullet. This is not good at all. Some reloading kits come with automatic powder measurement. Especially progressive type guns come with automatic powder measurement.

If you can get one of these, your problem is solved. People never like to check out the manual given along with the kit. This is not good. Every kit describes the amount of powder you should charge in your bullet. Make sure you check them out. The manual will guide you for the amount you should charge for each type of caliber you need to work on.

Avoiding the errors on primary seating

Inadequate seating and too much seating can ruin your shooting experience. This is another common mistake people do in reloading. If the primers are not perfectly seated on the primer pocket, you may face some dangers. The reason is that the gun will be more sensitive to the impact. You need to make sure the primers are properly placed in the right position. This will increase the accuracy of your shooting.

After that avoiding, too much seating is very important. You should not push the primers deeper than the usual place. If you do that, you will not be able to shoot accurately. Pushing too deep can also cause many dangers to the shooter.

Trim the cases

You should trim the cases on a regular basis. Trimming the cases will ensure proper usage and action. Some people use the wrong size of a case which is one of the common mistakes in reloading. Always use the right size of the case.

Seat the bullets properly

To get the best of results, you will need accurate and well-made ammo. But in order to do that, you will need to place your bullets in the right manner on the mouth of the case. But many people do this mistake and do not place the bullets in the right place. Reloaders guide the bullet before it reaches the die. This is important for you to know. Using ready-made bullets can help you sometimes.

Mistakes while crimping

Crimping means securing the bullet in an exact place where the bullet won’t make any movements at all. But excessive crimping is not good. Just like bullet seating, crimping is also important, and people occurs some common mistakes while doing so.

Like excessive crimping, not enough crimping is another problem. If the bullets are not properly crimped, you will face many problems. These problems always lead to problems in the cartridge case. So, you need to do crimping carefully and perfectly. Otherwise, you will face difficulty and danger while shooting.


Yes, reloading is supposed to be a simple and easy process. But it depends on the type you are using. Many people love reloading, and some are professionals. For beginners, reloading may seem a simple thing, but they always make some common mistakes. This affects the accuracy of their shooting, and sometimes they face many dangers while shooting.

In this content, we tried to talk about these mistakes and talked about how to avoid them. Even professionals do these common errors in reloading. So, how to avoid the common mistakes in reloading you ask? Just reload carefully, that’s all.

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