Prevent Self-Inflicted Injuries

People with disabilities are more likely to be prone to falls and hospital visits. These two are often considered self-inflicted injuries that lead to long term disabilities. It is for this reason that the advantages of showers are so important.

Assist You to Position Your Handicap Devices and Prevent Accident

Showers for the disabled are available in various styles. There are basically two types of showers: those with cabinets and those without. The cabinets will assist you to position your handicap devices in such a way that they are accessible to you. The fact that these are more difficult to use than shelves means that there will be fewer accidents in them, but they are also heavier, making them a less desirable alternative.

Available at Less Expensive Prices

One advantage of these is that they are usually available at less expensive prices. In contrast, there are racks available which will cost a great deal more but are much more sturdy.

One of the main disadvantages of cabinets is that they do not match up with the rest of the bathroom and are only used for one purpose, i.e. storage. This makes them a little hard to deal with especially when the condition of the rest of the bathroom is poor.


Showers are suitable for everybody. They are available in either free-standing or corner style. It is vital that you decide how many showers you require prior to making your choice.

The simplest and easiest way to obtain a shower is by looking for it on sale. This does not have to be as difficult as it sounds because you will find out pretty quickly if a specific model of a shower for the disabled is available.

Easy To Use

If you are using a centre to house you, and you need a chair, then this will not be a problem. They are usually not particularly wide and will fit easily in any corner. A very popular choice is the walk-in shower, where all you need to do is step onto the tub and you are ready to use it.

You do need to think about the size of the tub to choose a chair from. Make sure that it is wide enough to accommodate your chair comfortably and that it is large enough to hold the chair comfortably as well.

Installing a shower should not be too difficult. In some cases, you may have to get assistance. Always ensure that you get recommendations before going ahead with the installation process.

The first thing you must consider is whether or not you want an electric shower. Some are easily fitted, whereas others need a professional to fit them for you. Some electric showers do not have screens that will protect you from splashing water, and so you will need to place a screen on top.

Once you have this in place, the next thing to look at is the electricity connection. There will be a number of choices here, including fixed points, wall-mounted fittings, or individual points. You should select the type of fittings that matches the type of accommodation you require.


When all the elements of a shower are in place, it is time to make the purchase. For disabled people, it is important to get a shower that fits their needs and protects them from falling off the bath. Using showering chairs can prove to be extremely beneficial by protecting you from injuries and being easy to use. To learn more about how to buy these chairs at affordable prices make sure you visit

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