Everyone loves a hot and cold water dispenser whether it be at your work or just having one around your house. Either way, they feel really fancy to own and are great for when you need the water. What you didn’t know during the purchase is that maintaining the cooler takes some effort as well. That is why you have come here and looking all over the place for the quick answer.

So what does it mean if your hot and cold water dispenser is not clean? At the very least the different types of bacteria that can form is a huge problem. As some bacteria prefer very moist areas like your water dispenser. Usually, the case will be that you drink some of the water and realizes it tastes off, clean the machine and maybe get sick. In more severe cases you or others who use the device could be hospitalized.

How do I clean my water cooler dispenser?

Cleaning a cold water dispenser is the same as cleaning out a hot and cold water cooler. You will be needing a few materials for this process as well as time for things to dry. You will need a bucket, water, bleach, vinegar, gloves, preferably good airflow or masks as well as something to wipe them down, like a sponge.

First, you are going to want to fill up your bucket with some water. This will be used for general cleaning and creating solutions. For the cleaning solution, you can pick whichever is more achievable for you but note that the bleach variant usually comes out with a better clean.

For creating the bleach solution it’s quite straightforward with one tablespoon of bleach per 4.5L. Stir the bleach into the bucket of water gently which is why you need the gloves. Otherwise, you can use something else but make sure to be safe while handling deadly chemicals.

With the vinegar solution, you want to use not normal vinegar but undiluted to make sure it’s thoroughly clean. The amount you add is simple, it is one part vinegar for every three parts water.

Now that you have your solution lets move onto the actual cleaning process.

Step one is to simply remove the power plug from the socket. Even if you might not come into contact with the electronics it’s still a risky maneuver to have the machine plugged in. It is highly recommended for no electricity to be on the machine during the process.

Next, you are going to want to clean the machine itself before adding any new bottles. Using that cleaning solution you made you should go about making sure the parts have had a thorough wiping. Even if it looks clean wiping it down is suggested. Leaving the solution for 5 minutes will help as well.

After you have let it set you might have noticed some of the solution dripping into the catching tray. Though you were going to clean this anyway it’s good to do after the previous step. Dismantle the tray and give it a thorough clean. Warm water can do but the cleaning solution is good here too.

Now you just have to wet and wipe it all down to make sure the solution isn’t in the system. Then you are free to put a new bottle on top.

How do you clean algae out of a water dispenser?

If you follow the solution above the algae should not be a problem. If you want you can use baking soda mixed with water and let that eat at the algae inside the pipes of the machine for thorough cleaning.

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