In the world that is increasingly becoming crowded and congested, a balcony plays the role of your airy outdoorsy sanctuary without making you take the trouble of actually venturing outside. This multipurpose space deserves to be decorated with affection, exclusivity and high end aesthetics. Doing this job comparatively effortlessly are the designer garden pots.  Read on as we tell you how you can get them to glam up your balcony and use them to serve some practical purposes too along the way. With the availability of a wide variety of designer planters in India, the task is refreshing fun to do too.

Beautify it with small flower pots

Compared to the bigger planters, the smaller ones come with an advantage of being easily portable. A balcony generally has many nooks and corners where these smaller sized designer garden pots can add a touch of subtle yet striking visual interest. You can place them by your rocking chair, swing or coffee table to create a laid back mood. Move them to different spots when you feel like changing the look of your balcony in a quick go.


Top up the balcony with the lush table tops

The balconies usually have a coffee table, reading table, console table or a recliner accompanied by a side table. These table tops are the potential areas to flaunt your designer pots for plants. Use these visual key spots at their best by placing a lovely looking plant pot or a bunch of them grouped together according to the proportion of the table top to uplift the look of the space. These pots on the tables can often be the conversation starters when you have a friend over for a coffee or a balcony party is going on in a full swing.


Engage the pots to build up privacy

In the urban areas where apartments and bungalows are often too close to one another, stylish looking garden planters growing charming creepers form a veil or curtain like division providing the much needed privacy. Place the pots near the area where you want the cover and install a support if needed for the creeper to climb onto while growing. Placement of creeper planters for this purpose is a pretty yet practical solution to the requirement.


Create vertically verdant view points

For the smaller sized balconies, a vertical placement is the smartest idea for the optimum use of the available space to show off your gorgeous plants. From installing a beautified portable ladder and arranging your designer plant pots on it from bottom upwards to creating a pots grill on a wall to crafting interesting wooden shelves for the objective, a vertical arrangement easily brings about a lavish lush touch to a petite sized balcony. On the other hand, even if you have a bigger balcony at your disposal, doing it up with various creative ideas of vertical gardening adds an attractive verdant dimension to your already large space.


Make the railings look ravishing

Paneling up your designer garden pots by the balcony grill or railing defines the area quite aesthetically. Accompany them with other complementing decorative garden artifacts.  Arrange them in a line or a beautiful cluster as per your personal taste and practical requirements. Get the hooked planters to fix up on the railing inwardly or outwardly according the space, sunlight and the rest of the décor. Blooming beautiful flowers or succulents here on the railing grown in stylish pots makes your balcony look inviting when viewed from the outside and classy when enjoyed from the inside of the home.


Design a captivating ceiling

Why forget the ceiling when you are a garden lover looking for creating an oasis of your own in your balcony? If you have a partial or a full balcony available in your balcony, the small planters suspended from the ceiling in stylish plant hangers can stir poetic playfulness in the ambiance. Pretty much like the vertical arrangement of the pots, use of the ceiling too saves the consumption of the floor space which is critical in the smaller balconies. For the bigger balconies too, a ceiling studded proportionately with beautiful hanging planters enhances its enchanting quotient.


Craft out green and gorgeous partitions

Are you looking for generating a visual separation in your balcony to create space sections? Tall plants grown in designer planters do wonders for this purpose. They create a wall or partition without actually creating any. Especially in the larger balconies, you can shape up a private sit down area covered from the rest of open space by queuing up a nice set of exquisite looking garden pots flaunting the high rising plants such as bamboo, big bluestem, bougainvillea, elephant ear etc. Alternatively, you can also install trellis and place the smaller planters on them to create a vertical lush barricade.

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