Something that you perhaps don’t know about coupon codes is that when they began going around retailers who had them listed on related websites so that that way, they could lead customers right to their online shopping stores. Nowadays, retailers have these codes listed both on their own websites and also in other related websites.  Other retailers also offer these codes through e-mails sent to their customers on a weekly basis.

How to find these codes

Before one can learn how to use coupon codes, it is paramount to know how to find them. It goes without saying that you cannot really use something you cannot find!

The best and most effective way to find coupon codes, also known as promotional codes, is by running an internet search using the search engine of your choice and finding a site like CouponCode Day. In this method, you simply type in the name of the store you wish to make your purchase from followed by ‘coupon codes’ after which the list of all coupon codes available for that store will be at your disposal. For example, if you wish to make your order from, say Victoria Secrets, all you need to do is simply type in ‘Victoria Secrets coupon codes.’ Simple, isn’t it?

Alternatively, if you do not have any store in particular that you would love to order from, all you need to do is type in the name of the item you would love to purchase followed by ‘coupon codes’ after which you will get all the stores and their coupon codes on that particular item. It would then follow that it will be up to you to compare the offers of the different codes and go with the one that suits you best.

How to use the codes

Once you have found the coupon code, you can use it in either of the two ways mentioned below depending on the online store you are ordering from.

The first way is entering the code in the shopping cart before checking out, and the other way is entering it right before checking out on the order page. In the event that one doesn’t see any place to put in the code then an inquiry should be made either through the FAQs of the website or simply through a call, after all, it doesn’t hurt to ask if it means you get to save a few coins, right?

If a coupon code isn’t working, it is advisable to look for another one since most retailers omit expiry dates so that they can discontinue them easily at any time. One can tell a coupon code is not working if information on the discount does not appear on the order review page right before approval of the charges is given. In the case of linked coupons, if they do not take you to the product that is being promoted, then they are most likely not working, and an inquiry should thus first be made before making any transactions.

Unless specifically stated by a promotion, local stores do not have a duty to honor online deals. It is also worth noting that one can opt to go for rebate websites that not only offer coupon codes but also give extra rebates on top when a purchase is made as in any case one looks for where they can save the most, isn’t it!

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